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The Puck Drops Soon!

To my fellow hockey fans on the board:

Can ya believe the NHL season is less than 46 hours away!
Being a diehard NY Ranger fan (since the 60’s), I’ll be awaiting the upcoming season with joyful anticipation :slight_smile: What clubs are you “blood-thirsty” maniacs pulling for - eh?

IMHO: “What could be more special then a bunch a guyz
wearing blood stained sweaters - with razors strapped to their feet and clubs in their hands, skating around at dizzying speeds in pursuit of the Holy Grail… Lord Stanley’s Cup!!!”

Anyone else, eh…?

Fuck watching hockey, I get to practice tomorrow for the first time since last Tuesday(pulled groin). I was supposed to skate today but some kid got hit in the eye with a puck before practice started and the coach got pissed and well, we didn’t have practice. But the Red Wings are going to win the cup again.

I can’t wait for the season to start, even though I’m aware that it may not be a very good one for the Pens. If (and that is a huge “if”) Mario is able to stay healthy, we might still find ourselves scrambling for one of the last playoff spots. Otherwise, say hello to a high draft pick in 03. And you heard it here first: this is the year when Caps and the Canucks evolve into incredibly scary teams. GO PENS!!!

The Habs are going to suprise alot of people this season. They solidified their defence with an aquisition and have 2 rookie sensations on defence that they might allow to move up from their farm team. Not to mention Jose Theodore was signed. If they could deal Hachett for an solid powerforward they’ll do some damage in the regular season.

About f’n time! The only thing I hate about summer is no hockey. Even worse, our only local rink has been remodeling since march, so no saturday night pickup games.
The Flyers are finally going to get past the first round this year (god willin’ the goalies don’t quit) Sorry to you Ranger fans, you got Lindros and lost Theo!

I can’t believe I just heard a Pens fan actually giving the Caps some respect. I agree with your assessment though. We resigned Zubrus today and picked up of Mike Grier, so the top three lines are pretty damn solid now. I just hope they don’t let me down again like they do pretty much every year.

The Pens have always been, and will always be, my favorite team. At the same time, I’ve always liked Kolzig, Bondra, Gonchar. And so, when Jagr, Lang (and half of the Pens roster) became Caps, it became even easier to root for them. Don’t get me wrong, every time the Pens and Caps square off, I love to see the Caps get their asses kicked. It really pisses me off when Pens fans boo Jagr, and I hope the Caps fans realize that, even though he had a subpar year, he is still the greatest and most exciting player in the game today. Still, I’d find it absolutely impossible to root for the Caps if they ever reverted back to those old, ugly, red/white/blue pieces of crap.

The habs are going to tear it up this year. We saw the first sign’s of a championship team last year in the playoff’s and this year they have done nothing more than improve themselves. They added tuffness where they needed it and they added alot more depth to the team. Hackett + for spezza? That’s the rumour’s. That would be amazing.

What pissed me off last year was that the media kept focusing on the fact that Jagr was having a “bad year.” Bad year my ass. He still scored 79 points in 69 games in a league that was starved for scoring. He was also fighting nagging injuries for most of the season - after that scumbag Igor Ulanov slew footed him a few games into the season, so I thought his first year with the Caps was just fine. As for the Pens fans booing him, I think that sucks too. It was cool though when he first came back to Pitt, they showed some video package & they gave him a standing O.

Beauty discussion, guyz - eh! I see everyone has managed to keep the elbows down. I agree with nate + bandito: NO BOOING JAGER: he’s brought too frig’n much to our game to be treated like that!!!

Yes, we have rabid Hab fans on the board! “Team Theodore” should pick up right where they left off last year?
The future “appears” to look bright at Le Habitant’s blue line, with 6-foot-4, 242-pound Komisarek leaving Ann Arbor to join the Club; Komisarek is reported to be a ferocious hitter… A BIG BOY! Not to mention the hopeful emergence of Ron Hainsey as the Habs power play quarterback for many years to come. He looked good in the pre season- a little lost in the defensive zone, though!

Hey blueliner - I’ll give ya the Lindros thing, but you missed
on Flurey - the li’l maniac just got suspended indefinitely, for yet
another substance abuse infraction; good
God, Y’all!

Re Theo, he is tough little maniac, and he’s long been a favorite of mine. I just hopes he can get back in control, for himself first, then for the game. Hate to see anyone burn out too soon.
BTW great thread guys, put your stick in his side, let 'em know your there!

The New York Islanders are gonna have a big year. They added toughness by adding Arron Asham and Jason Weimer but they retained their core from last year. The Eastern Conference will be very good this year with the Flyers, Rangers, and Devils all expected to do well this season. One last thing, Fuck Darcy Tucker and the Toronto Maple Leafs. On Dec. 7 Michael Peca and the Islanders will get their revenge!