The Psycho Sustanon, Deca, Mdrol Stack?

Im going to be doing a cycle soon as i have 15 sustanon 250 and 12 deca’s now ill also be using mdrol…

my history is im old enough to have teenage kids,ive been pumping on and off for over 15 years,ive done half a cycle od dbol,sustanon and deca before but halfway through i had a death in the family and slipped down a slippery slope of drugs and alcohol,obviously there was no pct!,so this would be my first real cycle and i have’nt been to the gym in a long time so theres no garantee that ill be starting the cycle straight away

anabolic innovations cycle support for blood pressure,prostate,immune system,liver,heart health,cholestrol.

mega fish oil caps-5n a day
mega multi vitamin-2 a day
liv 52-for liver dosage according to pack
hydrolyzed collagen,cissus,glucosamine for joints
as well as kelp for thyroid,potassium and taurine for cramps,enzyme formula and artichoke for digestion,zinc for testosterone support
and a valerian root formula and maybe zma for sleep

also no explode pre workout,cell mass after workout and nitrix 3 times a day
protein coming from,eggs,chicken,beef,100%beef burgers,fish,cottage cheese,peanut butter,yogurt and pulses is going to be 3/4/500 aday

complex carbs are going to be sweet and normal potato,yam,plaintain,bread,white/brown past/rice/cous cous,porridge oats,cereal etc…simple carbs straight after a workout,uncapped as the skys the limit caloriewise for me
as well as veg,salad etc…

weights sessions are going to hard,dirty and heavy,maybe a 3 day on 1-2 days off(still deciding due to work schedule) ie-mon-chest and bi,tri’s and forarms, tue-legs&back- wed-shoulders,traps,stomach and obliques, i will be hitting every body part with 3X10 with a variety of exercises roughly 5 different ones which has worked great for me in the past.

now the cycle im thinking of is…
week 1-10 mg mdrol-1 sus-1dec
week 2-20mg mdrol-1 sus 1 dec
week 3-20mg mdrol- 2sus 2dec
week 4-20mg mdrol-2sus 2 dec
week 5-2 sus 2 dec
week 6-2 sus 2 dec
week 7- 2 sus 1 dec
week 8-2 sus 1 dec
week 9- 1 sus
week 10-
week 11-
week 12-
week 13-50 mg clomid-nolva 40
week 14 50mg clomid-nolva-20
week 15 50mg clomid-nolva-20
week16 50mg clomid-nolva-10

im also thinking about using hcg,maybe 500 e3d on cycle?

now i dont know how im going to react gyno wise but i reckon i might by some letro,so when i get rushed by all that testosterone,if there is any problems i can stop it dead!

now this is all subject to change as im still researching and learning,so what do you think and what would you do with the same products as ive got?

thanks in advance yeah!

cheers for the input bushido,yeah far from a “psycho” cycle,just a little happy to be pulling my life out of the gutter towards something that’ll benefit much more then all the recreational drugs and booze i used to put into my body! mdrol’s methylated methasteron-which is an actual steroid!

yeah theres a source problem getting juice,but with mdrol (a superdrol clone taken from the name superanadrol) reports from users all over the world range from 5-25 lbs,so its definetly worth using!

statswise im 35 yrs old 5’11 and weigh86k-13.7 stone,191 lbs im quite bulky and i do hold a bit of stomach,but it is in no way protruding,or overlapping! not bad for someone who’s been drinking and eating junkfood all my life!

now i know this may be a little mad but what do you think of this-Hey there! im still in the research,learning and planning stage of doing a cycle

as i cant get any more juice ive only got 15 amps of sus and 12 amps of deca im thinking of using the mdrol as a kickstart and finisher to make the cycle longer and im maybe thinking of doing this cycle

week1-mdrol-20mg-sus 500mg-deca 400mg
week2-mdrol-20mg-sus 500mg-deca 400mg
week3-mdrol-20mg-sus 500mg-deca 400mg
week4-mdrol-30mg-sus 500mg-deca 400mg
week5-mdrol-30mg-sus 500mg-deca 400mg
week6-sus 500mg deca 400mg
week7-sus 500mg-mdrol 30mg
week8-sus 250 mg-mdrol 30mg
week9-mdrol 20 mg
week10-mdrol 20mg
week11-clomid 100mg-nolva 40mg
week12-clomid 50mg-nolva 20mg
week13-clomid 50 mg-nolva 20mg
week14-nolva 20mg
pct will also include some transreversitol products,tongat ali/longjack,some trib maybe,just for maxiumum recovery

also hcg will probably be used at 500iu e3d

I know that the mdrol dosage is high,but im looking for maximum muscle but everything is all subject to review and change,my main question is the mdrol from week 7-finish,is it a good idea and will i still reap benefits or will i only see sides? has anyone used any oral as a kick start and finish and if so what was the pro’s and cons?

Injection frequencies?

Personally I wouldn’t fuck about with any DS, either by itself or on a “real cycle”.

Picture this:

  1. You get signs of gyno.
  2. You assume it’s the sust - boost your AI dose.
  3. You still have gyno - assume it’s the deca… add bromo?
  4. You STILL have gyno… Mdrol? Not many people are gonna know how to fix that one.

Other than that - 6 weeks is too short for Deca. 8 weeks is just about OK for sust assuming that you frontload.

Also, ensure that you are gaining consistently before you start a cycle - a 5’11" 191lbs man who likes a drink and eats a load of crap should not be thinking about steroid use just yet.

The year (or two) it takes to get into decent enough shape to warrent steroid use should give you enough time to source more AAS and design a decent cycle.

Good luck mate

[quote]dizdabiz wrote:
my history is im old enough to have teenage kids…[/quote]

…yet you’re not old enough to type correctly?

I never understand when people come on here and expect help from the experts available, but insist on sounding like autistic monkeys.

[quote]DOHCrazy wrote:
dizdabiz wrote:
my history is im old enough to have teenage kids…

…yet you’re not old enough to type correctly?

I never understand when people come on here and expect help from the experts available, but insist on sounding like autistic monkeys.


Chill. His post is better than most, as far as grammar and usage goes.

It isn’t horrendous… you have an old school pyramid type deal worked out there… scrap that… and just run test… 500mg (or 2 Sus) a week for 10 weeks… and run the Deca for 8… @ 400mg a week…

I wouldn’t bother with the Prohormone/steroid… if you can get some legit Dbol… throw that in… otherwise… use the Test/Deca…

Your PCT should be ok…

I would do the following:

Wk1 Sust 500mg (1x400,3x125mg)
Deca 300mg (1x500mg,1x150mg)
Wk2 Sust 500mg (4x125mg)
Deca 300mg (2x150mg)
Wk3 Sust 500mg (4x125mg)
Deca 300mg (2x150mg)
Wk4 Sust 500mg (4x125mg)
Deca 300mg (2x150mg)
Wk5 Sust 500mg (4x125mg)
Deca 300mg (2x150mg)
Wk6 Sust 500mg (4x125mg)
Wk7 Sust 500mg (4x125mg)
Wk8 Sust 500mg (4x125mg)

Wk9 Nowt ya greedy fuck
Wk10 Same - nothing

PCT either test taper or i would personally go with Nolvadex 40/40/20/2- for the last 4 weeks. It is an effective, decent dose 8 weekk cyckle which will leave a couple of amps or shots of deca for a rainy day. OR up the deca to 350 - it may affect libido that way.

It works. The cycle and PCT.

40/40/20/20 or Taper


Id go about the same as what Brook has laid out however Id wait till either mid week 11 or week 12 just to be sure that the last of the esters have cleared from the sus to begin pct.

With the nolva the only thing id change there is 60mg for the first two days and then 20 per day throughout the rest of pct.