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The Prowler Thread

Alright, Little thread here for all things Prowler talk.

Obviously its getting used quite extensively in the Biotest Traning Facility, and many of us have access to them in our facilities and homes as well… But there isnt a ton of talk about it from in the trenches places, like forums, from what I can find.

So lets discuss this great training implement. I’ll get the ball rolling with a few “ideas” and questions I’d like to hear some opinions on.

1 - The Eccentricless training: Obviously CT is huge on this, but how do YOU feel this type of training can be added to your program. I havent really experimented too much with this personally as I can’t really find a good place to fit it in, so I’m putting it out to you guys.

2 - Pushing/Pulling: Probably the way its used most often. What kind of distances do you like for a “cardio” workout versus a POWER workout. I find that 2-3 Plates per post(ppp) work well for 25m Sprints and 50-100m pushes to leave you sucking wind, and I have worked up to 6-7ppp for 15-20m HARD Pushes that have you wishing the damn thing would just MOVE ONE MORE INCH!

I’ve read CT discuss things like using prowler work to come into a BB show with no muscle loss, using it for explosive pushes, adding volume to training, using it for cardio, etc…

So, lets get the talk going. How are you using it to add mass, shed fat, and build a better physique overall? Any particular protocal you are fond of? Any noticiable results that you can attribute to the Prowler?

I tend to like to split up my prowler work between 2-3ppp sprints 2x a week (6-8 sprints, or 6-8 rounds of pushing it 50m), and building up to 6-7ppp for heavy, death wish style 15m pushes 2x a week. I like to think its having an effect on the overall look of my body, just giving it more of a “powerful” look all over. Its tough to suss that out from just the training I’ve been doing though.

I’m still playing around with the placement of the prowler work in my training week (I’m assessing to see if it interferes with the weight I use on my Leg day exercises like squats, dont have all the info I need to make that decision yet.)

How say the Nation?

I do the same type of workout. i only have access to one 2 times a week and its on turf. The type of surface really dictates how much weight you will use. For sprints (fat loss) i like 3 plates total and either straight sprints of 25yds then abs to failure and do 8-12 sets. Or a ladder 10yds up to 50yds then back down all sprints the same weight. Do a sprint without the prowler right after for the same distance then abs to failure and increase (or decrease depeding on which part of ladder i am on) 10yds until done. BOth are short workouts but are great for wind and fat loss.

For heavy i like to work up to a weight i can do for 18-20 yds taking as much time as i want in between sets (being reasonalbe). I recently worked up to 17 plates + 20lbs for 20yds on artificail turf. 785lbs not counting the sled itself.

ALso if you have access to multiple sleds you can set up one heavy one for a sprint and do a heavy then a sprint back to back. A contrast set of sorts.

I also really like the prowler for extra back work. Doing rows, and various pulls.

uhh, I only use for restorative purposes

I push my Prowler around fast in the road when I want to get out of breath and sweat.

Cool story, bro?

I use one every day at the end of my workouts in the form of suicides for punishment. Punishment for missing reps…staring off into space.those kinds of things

I dedicate Wednesday to heavy drags and pulls

Low barx 5 or 6
Uprightx5 or 6
Forward dragx 5 or 6
Backward dragx 5 or 6

Saturday is a pure sprint session where I work up to 10 push sprints.

I’ve also started carrying the sled. I do this to mimic carrying real awkward things…instead of just doing. A fiarmers walk with a straight bar…

As far as training a muscle with it…

I like the shoulder presses and chest presses on it a lot. I do them in my superhero sessions at night and they’re aweome.

I’ve done hand over hand rope pulling and and a row using the uprights…awesome on the back

Um, I love these fucking things…

So far I have used it at the end of my ME workouts on tuesday and Friday like this:

Do heavy dead’s on tues: 3sets of 5, 3sets of 3, singles till puke or no pull. Into GHR’s 3sets of 5 with 25#
Into box jumps of 36" for 3 sets of 7-12. Then 3ppp pulling first to 25 meters then into pushing 25meters as fast as possible. Usually this has me on the verge of puking pretty well. 45-90 second rest between prowler sets

Friday would be similar to tuesday but with Squat as the focus.

Saturday I use only 1ppp and drag and push for as long as possible for gpp and TIME under tension.

Thank science and Biotest for Flameout and excedrine(back and body) for helping with my recovery : )

I got a truck tire and a rope yesterday. I’m having trouble seeing the need to invest in a prowler after 1 session of “sled” work from CT’s HPM program. I bougth 50 ft of rope for $30 and now I also have 30 ft of rope I can use for something else (because you really only need 20 or so).

Pushing on rough/tallish turf, that thing kicked my ass…

If I ever get man enough to add weight, I figure I can just pry a circular peice of plywood in there and drop rocks/weights/whatever in there.

I use in mostly like Wendler prescribes…light on upper body days and heavy on lower body.

Usually 30-40 yard pushes x 10 sets with 30 sec - 1 min rest.

The only thing that are on the same level of suck as the Prowler are hill sprints.