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The Prowler is Awesome!


Got a home made Prowler 6 weeks ago.

Been doing around 20 x 60m passes per week since.

The feeling at the end of each Prowler session is surreal

But everything else has gone up since.

Now I hardly feel winded in between sets.

Previously,when I do moving strongman events(tire,yoke,farmers),need at least 3 mins to recover in betweens sets,now I feel that I am good to go after just 1 min of rest.

Even my upper body lifts has increased somewhat.

The Prowler rules!


Wow, that thing is nice! Very jealous!

How about some more info, such as how you had it made? How much it cost? etc...


I second that. I would be interested in hearing how you made it.


Yes - how did you make it?


Good call, prowlers are awesome! How much weight are you loading it up with?


yea this looks very interesting to build and with great success.


Nice, I made one recently with an old tire. Best piece of equipment ever IMO. Im doing almost the exact same plan as you. I try to do it 3x per week and am doing 6 x 100ft each session. I start with 90 seconds between reps and every session or every other session decrease the rest by 15 seconds, until I get down to 30-45 seconds rest.

Great piece of equipment, can be used for strength, conditioning, or recovery.


I am doing sets of 60m passes with 200kg on a smoother surface...30m with vertical handles turn and do 30m with the low handles(this suck the most)



Dude I love the prowler. I got some marine rope and started pulling it to alternate with pushing it. Best piece of equipment I've got.


Right now im doing 130lbs for pushing, and 65 for pulling for only 60ft. But im using a car tire, on a rocky asphalt, so I dont know really how this would compare to a metal sled. And I just have it hooked up with some nice rope, and 2-3" thick PVC handles.

All in all, it costs like $20 and is definately the best piece of equipment for the price. Only problem is that you need weight to add, and im already maxed out. Im hoping to get a large truck tire, and then I can progress further.

Do you guys have any specific goals for sled work? Im just getting into it, but I want to do all my weight down my street and back for time. (Im guessing this would be about 200-300m) And then eventually i want to go for REAL distance, like 1/4mile, 1/2mile, and mile.