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The Protein Question..


Hello readers.. wondering if anyone can help me out here.. I currently work-out at school and there are no fridges around (go figure) so I'm not able to take milk with me for protein shakes.. is it bad if I mix protein with water ?

I was told it wasn't but does it affect absorption in any way..?


If anything it sspeeds up the absorption . The milk contains a protein that quickly gels in the stomach and slows release.

You should definately go with Grow! or some other protein with a casein based protein to help slow the digestion and minimize the potential insulin spike. Not to mention, you'll be starving in about an hour.

You could also add olive oil or take in combination with fish oil caps.


no, its fine with water, if you can get over the taste


How do you want it to absorb? Sugar or some oil added will help swing it fast or slow.

You won't absorb less of it because it's in water and not milk.



Low-Carb Grow! tastes great with just water. Maybe you're not using the right protein powder.


need4productpimpage ... satisfied



Sugar or oil won't significantly effect absorption, but they may change the insulin response.


i recommend muscle milk for taste. its not the highest for protein but if you can't stomach the other stuff this is really good.


Okay, I'm beginning to see what TC was on about in regards to people recommending competitors' products here.

Besides the high quality of the protein, the lack of crap mixed in with it, and the fact that using it helps pay for all of the FREE information we get here on T-Nation, Grow! (any flavor) tastes FANTASTIC with water. If you've never tried it, you owe it to yourself to do so.


Btw, why is this "the" protein question? I would think "the" protein question would be something like "How much protein do I need?"