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The Pro's - Part IV

Reading the recent threads (with interest) got me thinking about the pro’s in general. Whichever side of the fence you sit on you have to agree that there have been some fantastic physiques over time.

My all time favourite pro would have to be Dorian for a number of reasons. (1) He got me interested in training (2) He’s English (as am I) and (3) He trained like a mo-fo and loves the iron game like no other.

Which pro’s do you look up to and why?

T-Rex: One Pro comes to mind then a “group” of Pro’s. 1) Larry Scott: We often debate on this site about the Pro’s being “genetic freaks” and how we can’t learn anything from them. Well, by his own admission, Larry was a skinny, short, hayseed from Idaho with a wide waist, small shoulders and “poor genetics”. But he created a physique that pushed the limits of what he had…and he’s just a classy guy! 2) To many, this may sound “strange” but Rachael McClish and Cory Everson were the first to REALLY get me interested in pumping the iron! I can remember seeing their pics on a Mag Cover as a young boy and thinking that they looked like “living Greek Statues”. This eventually lead to seeing the likes of Labrada, Paris and Benefatto…wow…classic, aesthetic physiques! The rest is history…I was hooked!

while theres a few i admire, particularly the older 1970s era dudes, a few stand out head and shoulders for me:
schwarzenegger - yeah, i know, its a cliche, but what a physique!
The barbarian twins, David and Peter Paul - thats the look i would most like to emulate for myself - geared to the gills, thick, dense and frickin’ strong
Markus Ruhl - a big SOB in a world of big SOBs

i have a picture of arnold in his youth amd he looked like an awesome athlete, not like a juiced up freak who could not throw a ball even if he wanted to. oh yeah his Body weight index was 31.36 laters pk