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The Prohormone Blues


Like many, I fell prey to a combination of personal stupidity and the misinformation of some projected to be reliable sources.

I've run a small handful of Pro-Hormone cycles over the past few years, all of which I followed with over the counter "PCT's". as per recommendation from a source that I now consider corrupt.

The last cycle I ran was around December 2010/January 2011. Throughout this cycle my Sex Drive and performance dropped considerably, and never recovered. The so called PCT did nothing worth noting regarding recovery. After doing a little digging a few sources had said it would balance out and come back over time... Well fast forward to September 2011, my Sex Drive/Performance has still not recovered.

I obviously have some concerns regarding Hormone Levels so when getting some other Blood Work done last week, I had requested my Testosterone levels were checked as well. The Doctor said it was "normal" and I believe the value in the range he gave me was "18", whatever that means. According to some of my other blood work, my Thyroid production is also "normal".

There are obviously a lot of products out there claiming to raise T-levels, Sex Drive/Performance, Reduce Estrogen, etc. But on one hand I know a lot of these products are ineffective, and on the other hand, they could potentially just raise the levels during usage. I am looking for a methodology to return my levels, Sex Drive and performance to my prior self-sustaining state.

Your feedback is appreciated.


im in the same predicament as we speak bro, all of my levels are normal and my test is 865 on a 300-1100 scale and i completely lost sex drive after a couple of cycles of prohormones and their shitty pct's. i am no where near full recovery with sex drive but i have atleast been getting morning wood this past week and i havent had that in six months.

i just started taking activate extreme. it boost your libido back up and i know someone who had the same problem and they said that got them back on track but i completely know the feeling and it sucks cause im hanging out with a new chick and i cant even bang her. i have been told by several people to just give it time and everythign will be back to normal. i hope that is the case


You need real AI's and SERMS when running prohormones, the PCT should be no different then when running a real cycle. Prohormones are over the counter oral steroids so they need to be treated as such. There are various ways to procure the compounds needed for a true PCT. There is so much bullshit surrounding this topic, people are screwing up there bodies.


Prohormones = steroids, nothing more nothing less. So real AI and SERM PCT is needed.


What your doctor said means nothing. "Normal" could mean normal for an 80 year old man. Demand to get a copy of your labs, or get them done yourself at a place like lef.org. At a minimum get T, free T, E2, and LH/FSH. Make sure you get the complete picture before you start self-medicating.