The Program

Weight: 186.6

Had to split today’s workout into two because I didn’t have time to finish it between the athletic team’s lifting sessions.


A. Snatch - 160x3, 164x3, 164x2, 164x1
B. Overhead Press - 80x6, 110x5x5


A. Clean Pull - 154x5, 198x3, 218x2 + 218x1 Clean, 242x3
B. DB Row - 100x12x3
B2. Push up - BWx10x3
C. Dip - BWx15, 14, 10
C2.Incline DB Curl - 25x10eArm
D. Figure 8’s - Blue Band - 5eDirection, eSide x 2

Will be posting my new cycle within the next days… Finishing it up tonight.

Weight: 184.8

A. Squat - Olympic High Bar - 172x5, 198x5, 242x4x5 (2:00)
B. Military Press - 88x6, 108x6, 110x6*x2 *Spot on 2 reps (2:00)
C. BB RDL + Shrug - 220x6x4 (1:45)
D. DB Pull-over - 35x12, 40x12, 45x12x2 (1:00)
E. Turkish Get Up - 30x5eArmx3
F. Deadbugs - BWx10x2

This is one workout that will be included into my next cycle that starts next week. I will be using the Prelepin Chart and Relative Intensities in this cycle.

Weight: 182.6

Today was supposed to be a recovery day and this is what I did.


40 minutes total
Run 100 yds/Walk back 100 yds.

Runs averaged ~ 15-18 seconds. 1st couple of runs were at 18-20 seconds to get loose. After that they were at 15-16 seconds.


Hams, Quads, Low/Upper Back

The runs were easy, but my right quad is tight. Hopefully this helped…

Here is my next cycle.

OVERALL GOALS - Increase Basic Strength and Decrease Body Fat.

Monday - Strength
A. Squat 5x4
B. OH Press 4x6
C. RDL + Shrug 4x6
D. DB Pull-over 3x12
E. TGU 3x5eArm
F. Lower Abs 3x12

Tuesday - Assistance
A. Bulgarian 3x6
B. CG Bench 3x8
C. Monster Walk 3x20yd. eDirection
D. Upright Row 3x8
E. Big V’s 3x10
F. Rear Fly 3x12
Rear fly 3x20
G. Grip 3x20

Thursday - Hip/Back Dominant
A. Snatch Grip DL 5x4
B. Glute Ham 4x6
C. Wide Grip Pull-up 4x5
Scap Crunch 3x12
D. Rotator Cuff 1x15
E. Front Bridge 1x1:00
Side Bridge 1x0:40

Friday - Work Capacity
A. Step-ups 4x10
Single Arm DB Bench 4x8
Single Arm DB Row 4x10
OH Toss Sit-up 4x15
B. Hammer Curls 3x12
Tricep Ext. 3x15
Ab Circuit 6x20

DATE: 6/8/09


A. Squat - 135x5, 225x5, 265x3x6* (3:00) 3 sets High Bar Olympic, 3 sets Low Bar
B. Overhead Press - 110x4x5 (2:00)
C. RDL + Shrug - 264x6x4
(2:00) *Last set 3 RDL’s without Shrug
D. DB Pullover - 45x12
E. Straight Arm Cable Pulldown - 50x15, 70x12x3
F. Sprinter Situps - BWx20x2
G. Side Plank Reach Through - BWx10 reaches each side

DATE: 6/9/08


A. Bulgarian (Bands around knee) - 115x6x4
B. CG Bench - 115x15, 135x12, 115x8x3
B2. Monster Walk - Rt/Lft x 2, Frnt/Bck x 2
C. DB Upright Row - 20x15, 25x12x2
C2. Big V - 15x8x2, 10x8
C3. Rear Fly - 15x12x3
D. Windmills - 35x5eArmx2

WEIGHT: 185.8 (After Runs)

TEMPO RUNS: 30 minutes

Run 100 yds/ Walk 100 yds
Average run times: ~15-16 seconds
~20 Runs Total

WEIGHT: 184.4

A. Snatch Grip Deadlift - 134x4, 176x4, 220x4, 242x4, 252x4x5 PR (2:30)
B. Glute Ham Raise - BWx6, 6x6x3 (1:00)
C. Wide Grip Pull up - BWx6x4 (1:30-1:45)
C2.Scap Push up - BWx12x3
D. Rotator Cuff - Internal/External Rotation - BlueBandx12x4
D2.Front Pillar - 1:00x2
D3.Side Pillar - 0:30eSidex2
E. Mod. Pallof Press - BlueBandx5eDirectionx2

WEIGTH: 184.8


COMPLEX I (1:30)
A. Step up - 88x10eLegx4
B. Single Arm Bench - 50x10eArm, 60x10eArm, 65x10eArmx2
C. Single Arm Row - 90x10x4

** Completed A,B,C before taking 1:30 rest.

A. Dips - 25x8 (wide grip), 25x9 (narrow grip), 25x9 + BWx3 (narrow grip)
B. DB Curl to Press - 30x8eArmx3
C. Single Leg Sit up - 20x10x3

** Completed A,B,C before taking 1:30 rest.

Today’s workout had me sweatin hard. Not too bad of a workout.

I am definitely tired when I finish training the football team groups so I am suprised to get as much as I do out of my workouts. I am coaching Monday-Friday from 5:30am until 12:00. Second summer session we will be adding an afternoon group too!

I like the program, and, as usual, you’re doing the crazy work capacity stuff.

You need to get in touch with me soon- I know you’re busy, so at your convenience.

Looking forward to hearing an update, and I hope the football stuff is rockin’.

MONDAY’s WORKOUT - 6/15/09

WEIGHT: 186 lb.

A. Squat - 134x5, 220x3, 274x3x5 (2:30)
B. OHD Press - 110x3, 120x3x5 (2:00)
C. RDL - 154x8, 220x6, 264x6x4
D. Straight Arm Pulldown - 80x12x3
D2. Resisted Hip/Knee Flexion (on back) - Grey Band x 10eLeg x 3


A. Bulgarian squat - 95x8, 115x8x3
B. CG Bench - 135x8, 155x8, 165x8x2
B2. Band Glute Med Work - (Blue Band) Hip extension w/rotation
C. Upright Row - 25x12, 30x12x2
C2. Big V - 10x12x3
C3. Rear Fly - 15x12x3
D. Forearm Work - Various Exercises



5 min. ride (medium intensity)
5 min. interval
5 min. ride (easy-medium)
5 min. interval
5 min. ride (easy-medium)

Total Time: 25 minutes.

Interval times: 15 sec. ON/45 sec. OFF


Modified Pallof Press - 30 sec. hold eSide x 2



A. Snatch Grip Deadlift - 132x4, 220x4, 252x4x5 PR
B. Glute Ham Raise - 8x6x2, 8x3 + BWx3, BWx6
B2. Wide Grip Pullup - BWx7x4
C. Leg Curl - 85x10x3 (1-0-3)
C2. Wide Grip Scap Pull - BWx15x3
D. Front Pillar - 1:00x2
D2 Side Pillar w/abduction - 0:30x2eSide (5 abductions then hold for rest of time)
E. Rotator cuff work
E2. Grip Work

SG DEADLIFTS WERE EASY… I was thinking bout going up in weight or adding a set at the end, but left some in the tank for next week. If you notice in my log, my SG Deads are just as high as my squat. HORRIBLE.



COMPLEX I (1:30 Rest)

Step up - 88x10eLegx4
1arm Bench - 65x10eArm, 70x10eArmx3
1arm Row - 90x10eArmx4

COMPLEX II (1:30 Rest)

Dips - 25x10,9,8
DB Curl to Press - 30x9eArmx3

Cable Tricep Pushdown - 80x12x3
BB Curl - 65x12x3

That first Complex is a killer, but good. Try it sometime… And don’t bounce off the bottom of the step-up with your back foot. Do them right.



A. Squat - 154x5, 198x2, 242x2, 264x2, 308x2x6


A. Overhead Press - 88x3, 110x3, 120x3,2,2,1
B. Behind Neck Push Press - 130x3,3



A. Squat - 154x5, 198x2, 242x2, 264x2, 308x2x6


A. Overhead Press - 88x3, 110x3, 120x3, 130x2,2,1
B. Behind Neck Push Press - 130x3x2


A. Bulgarian - 95x6eLeg, 115x6eLeg, 125x6eLegx2 (2:30)
B. CG Bench - 135x10, 155x8x4 (2:30)
B2. Glute Med Work
C. RDL - 154x10, 220x8x3 (2:00)
D. Upright Row - 30x15x3
E. Rear Fly - 10x12x2



Run 100 yds/ Walk 70 yds.
Runs ~16-17 seconds each rep.

Total Time: 20 minutes


A. Snatch Grip Deadlift - 132x4, 220x4, 264x4x5 PR (2:30)
B. GHR - BWx8x4 baseline PR
C. Widegrip Pull up - BWx8,8,6,6
C2. Leg Curl - 80x10x4 (1:30)