The Program

I am starting this log to keep me on track (like most others). I will begin with my stats, history, and PR’s.

Age: 23
Height: 5’11’’
Weight: 185 lb
BF: ~17 (just a guess, will get it done ASAP)

I have only been weight training for about 3 years. Didn’t really lift heavy (<6 reps) until last August (2008) when I picked up Olympic weightlifting. Before that most of my training was comprised of work capacity stuff (as you will see with my future logs, I am good at handling higher volumes and intensities). My focuses now are to build strength, gain size, and lose BF (that probably sounds like every other log). I know what to do, I just need to do it. Around September/October is acquired a partial tear to my rotator cuff muscle (which one I did not know) so I am just now getting back to the presses.

Below are my PRs off the top of my head. Some are more recent than others.

Clean & Jerk - 220x1
Snatch - 190x1
P. Clean - 205x6
P. Snatch - 150x3
B. Squat - 345x1
F. Squat - 225x6
Deadlift - 315x6
Sumo Deadlift - 280x6
Pull up - 100+BWx1
Bench Press - 230x1 (pitiful, I know)
Military Press - ??
Push Press - ??

*listed in lbs.

I am currently following a ME/DE template. I just finished 4 week cycle and saw improvements in both bench and squat, so I will keep it for a bit longer. My next post will include the actual program, so keep checking.

In conclusion, I am starting this log to get some feedback from fellow lifters. Please give me any advice you think is warranted.

This looks like it should be a good log.

You guys need to follow this log.

He eats ~1/2 what I eat on most days, but somehow manages to do more work, more weight, and, oh, by the way, he does some type of interval training pretty much every time he gets in the gym.

Done talking about you now, Coach Hardee.

Here is THE PROGRAM I have been using the past 6 weeks. The last 2 weeks were interrupted because of studying for exams and participating in a lifting study (notice my PRs of 6 reps). I am still trying to get back on track, however I am still training consistently.

1st 4 week cycle

A. Flat bench - 5/3/1
B. Incline bench - 5x5
C. DB row - 4x5
C2. DB rear fly - 4x10-15
D. DB lat raise - 3x10
D2. Plate pinches - 3x0:30
E. Dips (weighted) - 3x8-10
E2. BB curl - 3x8-10
F. Core work - usually stability based - cable chops w/out rotations, pillars, etc…

A. Back squat - 5/3/1
B. Deadlift - 3x3
C. Step up - 4x5eLeg
D. RDL - 4x8
E. Core work - rotational based - cable rotations, modified landmine rotations, mb throws, etc…

A. Hang Snatch - 5x3
B. Pull-up (heavy) - 5x5
B2. Dynamic bench (bands) - 5x5
C. Push Press - 3x8
C2. Core exercise
D. Clean Shrug - 3x8
E. Push exercise (tricep focus) - Floor press, push up, etc… 3xMax
F. Core work - SB or BB rollouts, or whatever comes to mind…

A. Power Clean - 5x3
B. Box Squat - 10x2
C. OVHD BB walking Lunges - 4x5eLeg
D. Good Morning - 3x10
E. Core work - rotation based
E2. Monster walks - 1xeDirection

*** Rest periods were only 2:00 min for power/core exercises and 0:45-1:30 for assistance/superset exercises. In my future logs I will identify what rest period was used per exercise. ***

This cycle increased my bench 5 lbs. and squat 15 lbs.

I also like to incorporate interval training post-lift. I try to get 2 days Linear and 2 days Lateral. Usually have to settle for 2 and 1, then rotate (usually to tired and didn’t have time to come back later).

Old-school Schwinn bike intervals - Usually modified versions of Tabata (0:20 on/0:10 off for 4 minutes, i bet you wont try this at home). I did it once to see where I standed. Finished but was unable to keep power levels same throughout whole 4 minutes.
Prowler pushes - I made a prowler from a track hurdle. Workout consist of pushes sled there and back for a total of 5 times, beginning every 2 minutes (for example: start pushing at 0:00, 2:00, 4:00, 6:00, 8:00)
Speed sled runs/pushes - Usually 10-20 sprints
Strongman conditioning - Tire flips (1:00 on/2:00 off), Sandbag runs, sled pulls with tug-o-war rope, etc…

Slideboard intervals - 0:30 on/1:30 off

During week 5 I changed some things around a little.

Switched Deadlift with Front Squats
Switched Step ups with 1-leg Squats (Bulgarian)

Switched OVHD BB walking lunges to BB walking lunges (weight was getting too heavy, 145 lb if you were wondering, on wrist to support OVHD)
Switched Power Clean to Power Snatch

Switched Hang Snatch to Hang Clean

If you read this whole thing, hope you enjoyed. I will be posting my workout later with numbers.

“Knowledge is power and knowledge shared is power multiplied.” - Bob Noyce

I was hoping I would have a better session for my first workout post, but I wasn’t feeling too hot in the gym today. Still kinda sore from last week. Here are the numbers…

A. Front Squat - 135x5, 185x5, 225x4x4 (2:00)
B. Back Squat - 275x2, 225x8x3 (2:00)
C. 1-Leg Squat (Bulgarian) - 115x5eLegx4
C2. SB Rollout - BWx12x3 (0:30-0:45)
D. RDL - 225x6x3
D2. Cable Lift - 90x10eSidex3 (0:30-0:45)

*Parentheses indicate rest period.

I usually wouldn’t have done 8 reps on squats today, however I wasn’t feeling good with the heavy weights so switched during the workout. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day…

Tomorrow I will hit up the intervals…

“Knowledge is power and knowledge shared is power multiplied.” - Bob Noyce

Were those low or high bar back squats?

Good session, BTW

Hey Hardee, nice log so far. You and flow got a sweet gym to train at, and sounds like theres some pretty cool equipment too!

What’s this study you too are participating in?

This professor, Rafael Escamilla, from CSU Sacramento is in town doing a study on knee forces during different lifts. The lifts include: back squat, front squat, deadlift, sumo deadlift, power clean, power snatch, forward lunge in place, and backward lunge in place. We pretested to find 3-6 RMs. For testing, he will hook us up to EMG and 3D analysis while we perform the lifts at a sub maximal weight. We also had to have an MRI of our leg so he can measure our tendons/ligaments to analyze how much force is being displaced. So far a great experience. We get to meet some great guys and train at Athlete’s Performance. No complaints.

“Knowledge is power and knowledge shared is power multiplied.” - Bob Noyce

Here is today’s workout.


A. Flat bench - 135x5, 155x3, 175x3, 195x3, 205x3x5 (2:00-2:30)
B. Floor press - 185x3x2, 175x5x3 (2:00)
C. DB row - 105x10x4
C2.Rear fly - 20x15, 25x10, 20x15x2 (2:00)
D. Lat raise - 20x12x3
D2.Plate pinch - 45platex0:30x2, 35platex0:30 (1:00)
E. Dips - 35x6x3
E2.BB curl - 70x12x3 (1:30)

Old-School Schwinn Bike Intervals
1 min. easy (warm-up) @ 2rpm (on rpm scale of 0-10)
0:20 on (9-10 rpm)
0:40 off (2 rpm)

Total bike time: 10:20 (10min. 20 sec.)

Should have done a cool-down but had to be somewhere. Workout took longer than expected.

“Knowledge is power and knowledge shared is power multiplied.” - Bob Noyce

In the process of moving… Will be posting workouts soon!!

I was finally able to get a workout in, but I will give some background before I get started. I just moved to App State to attend Graduate School. This summer I will be working in Athletics as a Graduate Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach. Today was my first day in the weight room, so this week’s workouts should be consistent. However, next week I will be attending the ACSM’s National Conference so I will do my best to get some sprints/intervals in. When I return, summer football/basketball workouts begin, so I will finally be back on a schedule and THE PROGRAM (with a few modifications I will outline later).

So here is today’s workout…

A. Power Snatch - 100x5, 111x3, 131x3x3, 151x2x2 (i think this is right, first time using kilo plates)
B. Pull up - 45x5x4
B2.DB Bench - 60x10, 75x8x2, 75x6
C. DB Row - 90x12x3
C2.Rear fly - 20x15x2, 20x12
D. Dips - 25x10, 25x9, 25x6
D2. Row to External Rotation - 5x10, BWx10
E. GHR Sit up - BWx10x3
F. SL Sit up (1-arm) - 25x10x4

So today’s weights weren’t too heavy. Was just trying to find a groove because I hadn’t lifted since last Tuesday and was training at a new gym. Tomorrow’s workout will be good, heavy legs.

Here we go… I will admit this workout was kinda hard for me today. My quads were about to explode and it was my first time doing Glute/Ham raises (never had the machine until now).

A. Power Clean - 155x5, 175x3, 198x3, 203x3, 208x3x3 PR?* (*last rep on last set went to parallel)
B. Front Squat - 135x8, 185x8x3
B2.Standing Band Y’s - Grey Bandx10x3
C. Bulgarian Squat - 115x8eLegx3 PR
C2.Standing Band T’s - Grey Bandx10x3
D. Glute/Ham Raise (extension to curl) - BWx5x3
D2.MB Parallel Throws - 12x10eSidex2
E. Stability Ball Rollout - BWx10x2
F. Modified Pallof Press (Circles/High.Low) - Little Blue Band - 5eDirectionx2

** Let me explain the Modified Pallof Press because there may be a name for this exercise, I just don’t know - Instead of pressing the cable away from the body and bringing it back in, you keep your arms extended and do five circles (clockwise and counterclockwise) at head and hip level. Then switch sides and repeat. I have seen it done in person also with figure 8’s instead of circles.

Still tryin to figure out what my next cycle will be, but until then I’ll be hittin it hard.

I like the structure of your work outs because you do so much work in such a concentrated time. Whereas my sessions will be “A-C”, yours will be “A-F” and you get so much more work in.

I really need to work on my work capacity. I felt like that every time I trained with you and now I’ll feel it everytime I see this log lol.


I was thinking of added some barbell complexes as a basic way of upping work capacity.

What do you think?

Before I give or take recommendations, I think we both can agree what it comes down to is 1] past training history and 2] primary goals.

If I am correct, your main goal right now is maximal strength. Therefore, I believe you should approach it in one of two ways. The first and probably easiest to measure, would be to gradually decrease your rest periods. Nothing big, just a little across the board. As long as you keep hitting PR’s, who says you need to rest that long anyways. When you finally hit that first plateau, then we may need to readjust or take a look at the overall program (which is easy because you keep a great log). Second, is hit the strength-endurance work hard. The sled pushes we did are great, incorporate them as finishers. Also, the “Strongman Saturday’s” will help. Just remember, some way shape or form you need to overload the system.

So overall to keep it simple, I think if you focus on moving heavy weights under less rest, you will gradually increase your work capacity while increasing your max strength levels. And you are great at monitoring yourself for overtraining.

Many ways to do it, I prefer those two.

So to answer the BB complex question, I would probably say you don’t need to do it as of now. Don’t know who said this and I am taking out of context, “people always ask what they can add on to improve, but in reality they should just take away.” I think this fits great with the idea of decreasing the rest periods, instead of trying to add more work.

I woke up today, thinking I it would be a “recovery” day. Foam roll, stretches, light cardio. Yeah right, I can’t remember the last time I did light cardio, or cardio in general. Legs were tight from yesterday, so I decided to walk to school, do some studying outside, then walked to the weight room. When I got to the gym, I foam rolled my quads, hams, IT, and lats. Then decided since I walked all this way, I might as well give some sprints a try.

So here is what I did…

100 yd sprints x 10

  • All sprints were done within 0:15. All of them were 0:14, except for one.
  • Rest period was 1:00.

Overall, not too bad. Didn’t have any water on the track and it was a little breezy, so I think that made it a little harder. Probably could have done more, but I didn’t want to over do it since I haven’t done them in awhile.

By the way… As I am typing this, I feel my legs getting tight now and it has only been 30-45 mins since I did them…

Focus: Upper Body Power/Strength

A. Snatch Pull (from floor) - 198x3, 208x3x5
B. Push Jerk - 88x5, 98x5, 154x5x2, 159x5, 159x3
C. Incline Bench - 135x10, 145x10, 145x8, 145x7
C2.Chin-up (Sternum) - BWx10, BWx8, BWx6, BWx7
D. Skull Crusher - 55x20, 75x10, 75x9
D2.Incline DB Curl - 25x10x3
E. Fist Pumps (overhead, side raise, front raise) - 50xeDirectionx2

  • Not sure what the fist pumps are really called. What you do is extend your arms out and open/close your hand as fast as possible, extending your fingers as far out and bringing them back into a fist. Give it a try, you will get a nice pump.

  • Still trying to figure out what weights to use for each exercise.

Overall - Snatch Pulls were light. Push Jerk was ok, but left wrist was hurting. Bi’s and Tri’s definitely got a good workout in today.

Check tomorrow’s workout… Should be a good one.

Weight: 182.2

Focus: Lower Body Dynamic/Strength

A. Snatch Grip Deadlift - 218x5, 228x3, 238x3, 248x3, 252x3x5 (2:30)
B. Box Squat (below parallel) - 185x2x12 (0:45)
C. Pistol Squat - 40x5eLegx4
C2.Standing Band Y/T’s - Grey Bandx10eArmx2eExercise
D. Hypers - 20x10, 30x10x2
D2.Stability Ball Push-up Hold w/ Hip/Knee Flexion March - BWx20x3
E. Modified Pallof Press - Figure 8’s - Blue Band - 5eDirectionx2eSide

Again, still trying to figure out the correct weights to use, but overall it was a good workout. Probably try to hit some sprints over the weekend.

Is your back sore now? Holy smokes, snatch grip DLs are murderous. That is actually one of the most difficult exercises in my opinion. What do you think?

Ok so how do you feel about Rafael’s Pallof press modification? Did you do it with weight as in a cable weight machine?? Sounds like a great way to be able to specifically progress the movement without having to rely on bands of differing tension. Bands tend to have BIG jumps in resistance :X

I’m actually surprised my back is not sore at all. I would have to agree that they are one of the most difficult and I would add they don’t get as much attention as other conventional exercises. Probably because most people can’t lift as heavy weight and it is an ego crusher.

I am liking the Modified Pallof press so far… I haven’t done it with a cable machine yet, because this is my first progression with it. I will experiment with a cable machine in the future to see about progressing in weight.

However, it may be the case that increasing the volume through increasing weights may not be the best choice, specially with the muscles it targets. It may turn out that increasing the time under tension or adding more difficult variations could be a better choice to increase intensity. Only time will tell.

Hopefully by next week I will be posting my next cycle for the summer. I am thinking it may be geared towards increasing the Olympic lifts and strength. I am open for suggestions so feel free to post them.

Today’s workout had to be quick because we had a staff meeting and then hit the road for a 10 hour drive.

A. Power Snatch - 135x5x3
B. Back Squat - 225x8x4
C. Bulgarian - 25x8, 35x8x2
D. Chin-ups (Sternum) - BWx10, BWx8x2

Power Snatches felt heavy, but that was probably because I was lifting at 7:00 am. Squats felt real good. Probably could have got 10 on the last set without a problem. May shoot for that next time with that weight.

I will be flying to Seattle tomorrow morning for the ACSM National Conference. Hopefully I will get some sprints in while I am there.