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The Professor X of BB.com?!


Large black guy. Check.
Knowledgable with years of training experience. Check.
Challeneges the "squat for big arms theory." Check.
Tries to give advice, has become jaded over the years of people not listening. Check.
No longer comes on the site for advice, but for entertainment. Check.
Is hated by many but well-respected forum-wide. Check.
I swear they must have been separated at birth.


Stats: 6'0", 130 lbs



Look at his pics and profile. 6-0 and 130 lbs is obviously a joke.


You have 22 posts


I wouldn't take advice from that guy. I don't find his physique to be very good. Prof X is miles ahead of this guy.


It's alright OP, we all make thread errors. Just last week I ...


I know he's not as physically impreessive, but he is definitely similar.


So all black people that lift weights are similar?


I'm going to run and hide before more people see this thread and kill the OP.


Of course not lol. I just meant that as a poster, he is extremely similar to PX.


I bet he doesn't know half the things X knows.




Prof X sackriding got old a long time ago.


Professor X??


Ya. It's even more disturbing than the SAMA-girl worship. At least those guys think they're going to get laid or something.


OP is an admitted troll. e.g Op's RMP thread.


That doesn't make me a troll, I was just a fraud in that thread.
I seriously see a comparison between the two, does no one else?


Soo you agree with me?


If you consider that trolling, then yes. But I'm no longer a "troll."


Psh. He's not even that black.