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The Professor X Meme


Waylander's recent post in the T-Cell reminded me that there used to be a fella on this site who posted -- every so often -- under the screen name Professor X. Due to various forum shenanigans that unfolded entirely beyond his control, he has apparently felt the need for an extended hiatus from this web site, leaving us without the guru we turned to so many times for all things related not only to bodybuilding... but for just being all-around likeable, too.

Unfortunately, along with the unexpected departure of the Prof comes the entirely expected nostalgia of better days gone by. With rose-colored glasses, I look back on the days of threads filled with entirely supportive, eternally understanding and completely ego-less contributions from the Big Guy... and contrast that to the steaming pile of shit this site has become in his absence.

So, without further ado, I've prepared a few slides with which we can use to retake this website: general philosophies and words of wisdom handed down from X, himself. These are universally applicable and can be used whether your goal is to be the next Mr. Olympia or the future Mr. Congeniality of the interwebz. They may be posted for the benefit of all newbs in appropriate threads.

I encourage all to participate using the template attached to this post -- or, at the very least, to say a few words about how he has touched you over the years (if you weren't quite so lucky, how he has touched your life would work, as well). Remember to best honor the Professor's tunnel-vision approach to thread subjects by keeping this on track. No haters allowed.

Epic Threads?
Funniest Threads

Example one...


Example two...


Exhibit C...


Everyone got the hang of it by now?


Lol...dude - good god. That's pretty fuckin' funny....


I think it would be better if you used the cartoon pic he had as his avatar for a long time.




Lol, this is phenomenal. I wish I knew how to make memes (and was clever enough to come up with any good ones).



Even after he's gone people are still trolling him.

Yes he trolled sometimes himself, but he was trolled a lot too.


Couple ideas; something about never sticking up for white body builders and something else about guys not looking like they lift if they had a shirt on. to lazy/tired to think of actual examples.


There needs to be one that says "Synthol Accusation? How's it feel to be small and weak?"


I don't have access to his profile and didn't really want to spend too much time finding a picture. The humor is in the words, after all.

edit: and by 'no haters' I meant critics of my work; people who dislike the guy are welcome to chime in so long as it's kept light. Channel it into something humorous.

I was trying to figure out a way to work in a white bodybuilder one, as well, but couldn't think of the right way to word it.

Just save the template to your desktop and open it in MSPaint, my friend.


Another guy sporting similar physical characteristics has also ceased posting along with X.

If you miss X just remember that you are not big enough or strong enough, certainly not eating as much or training as hard as he is and anyone who disputes anything to do with bodybuilding is in the wrong. And also, according to him bodybuilders can claim record lifts without having to prove them and people who take steroids from a young age have muscles that look different.


This x1000

top Get accused of pulling the race card

bottom Go eat a hamburger



Lacking your technical ability, I have in his honour created a formula to generate a typical Prof X response:

Q) I would like to know / discuss__________. What do you more experienced gym-goers think?

A) You don't know already? You won't last long in this sport. When did this become so complicated for you people?

I loved how he would avoid questions, and write in threads so energetically, yet have absolutely no positive comment to make at all.

PS apparently 'dentist' and 'doctor' are the same, and not entirely separate professions.


He touched you too???!!



He would call people out for anything and everything bodybuilding related yet one someone he liked (who I also like FWIW) claims a world record lift and they don't have to prove it because its 'bodybuilding' not 'powerlifting'. I did and still do like X and respect his contributions to the forum, but the words 'biased,' 'opinionated' 'stubborn' 'intransigent' are/were a few of his most predominant internet personality traits.