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The Professional Fitness Coach Program Design Bible Review

Just got it in the mail, I have some time so I plan on reading it and taking notes, will post a review ASAP


ok so It took me 2-3 hours but it was well spent. I can honestly say this is the most through program design book I've read!! With this book you not only get Alwyn's experience but you also get information and theory that he has learned from other tops coaches intheir program design manuels. Program design is the single hardest area of being a trainer and Alwyn breaks it down to a T.

He explains perioidzation in a simple yet effective form. If you knew nothing about strength training, picking up this book you would be able to hold you own, as he gives simple ways to design complex programs and a host of exercises and ideas how to further develop these exercises

Great book, no matter if your interested in making your own programs better or making more money as a trainer it is 100% worth it

Great Job Alwyn!


The question is, was it worth the $147?

That is a fairly steep price, and that is coming from someone who owns almost every book and video out there...

Including some of the big hitter packages promoted by RL and his boys...



I have the manual.
It's probably the best program design text I've ever read (there's a thread about it over at jpfitness. com).

Compared to Poliquin's text (which I also have) in terms of price it's less than half price and is just as good.
It's cheaper than anything by Paul Chek or NASM or any of those guys.

It is designed for trainer's though. So I think it's worth it as anything I can do to increase my ability translates to more demand from clients and I'm able to charge more. If I put my fee up $5, with two, twice a week clients - the manual pays for itself in a few weeks.

If I wasn't a trainer I don't think I'd purchase it, but that's an unfair criticism as it's clearly marketed as an alternative resource to the BS certifications out there.

I wish Alwyn had included some "bonuses" with it though. I KNOW that stuff is sales hype, but it's COOL!!


Well I paid the newlestter price so for me it was only 97 bucks. Still alittle steep but as a trainer i'm commited to my education. I have Poliquins program design book and thib's theory and app goes over program design as well and I also have Joe Kenn's book but after seeing the contents of AC's book I felt it would be worth because it would put everything together for me. As someone who is consisently researching I found that AC's book really helped me grab a clear understaning of periodization. Did I know some of it? yes, did I leanr new exercises and how to set up my program? Yes I did. My session have always been the issue, I knew how to keep track and progress my clients but after reading Ac's booki was able to plan in advance and in the week I've been using hisplanning methods my session have flown by. There's a ton of info out there and some program design manuals are crap but with AC you know your getting the best of all the coaches. AC is very vocal about using other people's stuff and not saying that others trainers don't but AC puts it together very well

I expected a book, what it is is a binder with the pages in it but I would pay 147 for it IF your training day-to day- and IF your paycheck depends on results




pm me that link


I'm interested in purchasing Alwyn's program design bible, but from what I keep hearing about it, it's more of a strength training book then a periodization book that includes information about timing of endurance training, speed training, and other subjects. I have Thomas Kurz' "The Science of Sports Training" and it's excellent. It's also incredibly dry and hard to understand. I like what Alwyn does when he breaks things down to principles.

So, is Alwyn's book basically a strength training program design manual or does it include information about how to incorporate other training into your program?

Thank you very much,