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The Princess Boy


Anybody see this yet?Whats peoples opinions of it?I think it would be obtuse of me to offer an opinion as Im not a parent.If this was your kid how would you feel?


If I had kids I know if they were gay I guess I'd have to come to terms with it...but being a sissy would be different.

That sounds like a joke, but I really think that we must accept homosexuality, but even though it may sound at odds, I still insist on men being masculine. Doesn't mean they have to smash whiskey bottles over their head or anything, but walk and talk like a man, not a 15 year-old girl.

Now in this case the woman said after the book was published many people contacted her saying they had the same situation and were all relieved.
I wanted to be Steve Austin when I was a kid (The original 6 Million Dollar Man one) but my dad had to tell me NO the time I wanted to jump off the garage.
I also insisted on only eating seafood after I saw 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea but that only lasted two meals before my mom told me it was unfeasible.
What I'm saying is maybe they should just tell these boys no.

I mean what if they really aren't gay? This boy may come back home one day when he's 18 and say "For crying out loud ma! Why in the name of everything holy did you let me wear dresses when I was a kid?!?!?!"


I don't like how his mum is cashing in on this. I grew up next-door to a boy that wore his sister's skirts, and I remember hearing his dad going nuts at him. I'm from the North East, and if you dressed up as a girl like this when I was a kid your life would be effectively over. There is no school you could go to where you would not be mercilessly bullied. The fact is we live in a world full of bastards that will judge you for your appearance. Maybe it's different in the US.


Man this kid is going get his ass beat.


There's a whole lot of 'should' and 'should not' do in your post as far as how people should carry themselves. Kind of ironic you talk about acting like a "man" yet you have one of the most feminine kind of dogs. Classic internet irony. I think being big and built while walking a wittle fem dog teeters heavily on the "sissy" side. Do you carry him or her around in a little bag too?


^^ Wow, you think I'm big and built? How you doin' sailor?


Everytime I see your picture and you're not Roddy Piper.


And I'll have you know that I DO NOT carry them around in a bag!!!!

Just check the video!


What no stutter? Fail.




Ahhh You remembered why I said that! Yep...we all miss Celtics a little bit now and then.



nards is the man


Definitely The Princess Man.


I'd be embarrassed and ashamed. I expect a lot more from my son than I do from my daughter, and this differs from my expectations severely. I want my son to be like me, only better. This is really far from where I was at that age, so I would be disappointed.

I think the kid will grow out of it though. Everyone has known girls that are considered tomboys, and they usually grow out of it. This just seems like the male version of that. I don't think kids differ a whole lot on a biological level until puberty. Obviously I could be wrong.


GTFO. This is such bullshit. His father has no balls and his mother is an opportunist. All they are doing is exploiting an idiosyncrasy of their son for their own means.


^^ This. Even if this kid has female tendencies. . or whatever you want to call it, he is going to CONSTANTLY be getting his ass kicked at school for this. His life is eternally messed up due to the fact that the parents want some extra money in their wallets.


This does seem a bit contrived, especially for his age. My daughter once dressed up my twin boys in her dresses when they were toddlers. My first reaction was to laugh, but something about it just felt weird. Yo Daddy went ballistic, though. No son of his would ever wear pink!!!!


I'm not sure if its money or some sad form of fame they want out of doing this. But Kids do all kinds of crazy shit when they are...wait for it KIDS. Mind is still forming and growing. Let the kid be a kid and deal with it as parents. Then if he grows up and is still doing this then write your books on how GREAT you are for being understanding yada yada yada.

But to take this kids youth and put it out there for the world to see is sick. "SPIN again for the camera" I wanted run on the set find the father and throat punch his ass for putting a kid on display like that.

I hope that kid grows up has a great life becomes a linebacker for the NFL, visits his dads house Punches him in the face does a spin and never talks to the guy again.


Thank fucking god thats not my son lol. Growing up I wasen't even allowed G.I. Joes or big Jims(with the kung-fu grip!), my father considered them to be no better than dolls, and no son of his is gonna play with dolls lol, thats for nancy boys.

One of the happiest days of my life was when our son brought home his first GF, big sigh of relief that day. I wouldn't disown him if he was gay but I ain't going to lie, I would have been devastated.

My old neighbors had a son who was obviously gay from the get go. He liked picking flowers and square dancing. His parents knew it too because they told me one day when he was singing and playing in the front yard. They didn't sound crushed but they did sound dissipointed to a degree in regards to grandchildren or maybe the lack of them in the future. Weird and awkward moment to say the least.


Another soul lost. Fucking terrible.