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The Prime of Life/Not Where It Used to Be


As we have learned more about the human body and it's endless possibilities. We have discovered through proper nutrition and exercise. That we can incease the quality of our lifes along with it's longevity. We can decrease the possibility of getting deseases related to aging. Fact is we have the ability now to grow personally. More than we ever have in history. Our access to foods and medicines has never been greater.

Those taking action are reaching their prime later and later. We are seeing more athletes perform at competitve levels into their forties. Athletes from contact and non contact sports. I am seeing the prime of life in a state of flux. A time where we have the capability to actually record an increase in the prime of life. From when it occurs, to it's duration.

The prime of life is no longer in our early to mid thrities. It's more like late thirties to early forties. Since we are seeing athletes in their mid to late forties compete at professional and olympic levels.

Our biggest stigma is still our out dated views on aging. We still hear the dreaded stories of turning thirty or forty, we won't even do the fifty thing. The writing is on the wall but very few are reading it. We have such great potential, so why are so few interested. Most seem content on a long life prolonged with medicines and the aid of science.

I guess it could be as simple as thinking like a sheep or a wolf. Life is as great as you make it. It's time to push it, just to see how far we can take it. Now that's living!


What is essential to human progress may just be a matter of opinion.


I would agree. It is as important to create a strong gene pool as it is a highly intellectual gene pool. But let us not go like sheep to the slaughter. We need to keep pushing forward without the negitive stigma. It is the same in other areas of progress. While most see a limit others do not. If history shows us anything. It shows we will not be stopped, but the sheep will slow us down.