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The Price Is Wrong...





Wow, that was brutal. Unreal. I love Barker at the end saying "I can't believe that happened. I can't believe it." Better to be lucky than good here I guess.


How many numbers to I get to guess the price of that ass?


HAHA! At least she didn't try to hug him like in the "Bob Barker is a Pansy" thread. Although in this girl's case I'm sure Bob wouldn't mind a comforting hug...


You can win animals now?


Now that's some funny shit!! I thought Ol' Bob was gonna choke her dumb ass...
I love it when he sat down afterwards like he was worn out...Classic, Thanks PGA


Bob was stressing her ass out! Man, that was making ME nervous. Haven't watched that show in years. Looks like Bob is getting a little impatient in his old age.