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the Prez!


The Prez visiting my fellow troops in Iraq on Thanksgiving...wow...the GW kicks ass!


he just wanted to hook up with Hillary in a secluded little oasis :slight_smile:

now lets see if he'll someday attend a funeral for one of our boys



Yes, I agree. President Bushs trip to Iraq is unprecedented!

Some will say that he is doing it strictly for political purposes. However, it still takes courage to make that trip, given current conditions.



What kind of a future politician will a G.W Bush and a Hillary Clinton produce?



Oh yes, the turkey has landed!


Simply put: "Fuck you Kuri and all your faggot friends."


He forgot to bring his "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED" banner. LOL


That's motivating. OO-Rah!

Semper Fi.


Regardless of wether you think GWB is a great prez or a bonafide nutbar you gotta admit that it was a cool stunt to pull.


The Mission Accomplished banner was put up by the military...YOU FREAKIN IDIOT!!
Im in the military and one of my friends was on that ship...so...STFU.

Our president isn't perfect..but he has grit..and the balls to stand up for what is right and true and good. And if you don't like the USA...GTFO!

Captain Rose


Hillary & Dubya's spawn would indeed be frightening!

and Avoids Roids, thanks for the holiday wishes, so I'll return the thought and nominate you to the Queer Eye producers so the fab 5 can come over and chop off that mullet and get those cars off your lawn :slight_smile:

Bill O'Reilly to Al Franken: "shut up! shut up!!!" such intellect!


Bush is a dumb ass, he leaves the next day while are troops are still there in harms way. If I was there I would avoid him, talk about a moving target.



"Cars off your lawn"? Oh my, are you sterotyping Avoids roids?


I have my problems with both Bush and Billary. But I have to give them both props for their visits. Putting the political rationales aside, I think GW's visit was more about supporting the troops and the war effort; and Hillary's was more about fact-finding.

GW actually had tears in his eyes at the podium. Was he thinking about the swing-votes he was getting? Probably not, at least not at that moment.

Did anyone see the "love him or hate him" article in Time Magazine this week? There was also a cool boxed commentary dising O'Reily, Franken, Moore, Coulter as the "anger industry".


I keep my junk cars right next to my old Bendix hand ringer washing machine under the cotton clothes line with the old faded red sack of wooden clothes pins.


Pretty sure, colt is about 16 years old.


Good one AR!

and yeah the articles regarding the polarization of Amerika are well worth reading.

I was checking out a show on 9/11 and the flow of sympathy from world leaders and people - many of whom may now regard the US as the most feared and dis-liked country.

Sad, but thats what that weak coward Bush & Co. have managed to accomplish in 2 yrs.

I don't think he or anyone in his administration (except Powell) gives a damn about the troops, as evidenced by the quiet manner in which they've sought to cut veteran's benefits & medical care.

2 & 1/2 hrs on the ground in Baghdad. If progress is as great as he says it is why didn't he tour around and get some more photo ops?

Imagine how THAT would have made the troops feel.

Well I guess he doesn't need to see it because he gets all his "unbiased" information from his staff. Doesn't even read the newspapers. Brilliant.

Back in your bubble George.


Dude's a stud.

Ballsy move, and his troops absolutely appreciated it!


No 29 years old, and spent 5 years in the Navy. Spent my time with the Marines as a devildoc. I have more experience than you my friend.


kuri, was that line about articles concerning the "polarization of Amerika" addressed to me? If so, your spelling of "Amerika" seems to miss the point.

Incidentally, don't you think that the roots of anti-Americanism are older than George Bush's presidency?
Regardless of how you feel about George Bush, do you see how he is being used as a caricature for the same hostility toward America that was around during the Clinton administration?

I remember reading how the famous "We are all Americans" column wasn't really complementary to us at all, it was more like, they deserve our sympathy anyway. If seeking the "goodwill" of the world means wallowing in a state of victimhood, then why would we want that "goodwill"?

George Bush may have crappy diplomatic skills that have exacerbated the problem, but the problem exists, regardless of what people describe as his "unilateralism." For example, Gore would have been able to decline Kyoto diplomatically, but Kyoto was going to die on its own. Bush's idiocy is just a way people in other countries can use to bring their aversion to us out in the open.