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The Prehistoric Mind of People in My Gym


I swear to god the owner of my gym here in Atlanta Ga is such a douche bag. I mean literally the guy is "GOD OF ALL BODYBUILDING". Every time im in the gym he always makes a conscience effort to strike up a conversation with me. No problem its cool I have no beef with said owner. But the ridiculous shit this guy spews out of his mouth is ridiculous from how compound movements arnt healthy to power lifting will destroy your body. He literally means stay away from dead lifts and squats and he says you will destroy your spine. Correct if performing them wrong, I will give him that.

Another thing this out of shape pile of filth is trying to give diet advice and nutritional advice to people and he doesnt know shit about it. He recomends eating whatever you want just do cardio everyday to the fat swines that come seeking his guidance. He also says dips are bad and is a fan of mainly machine excercises and uses the excuse the customers want the barbells I honestly think this guy has no fucking clue about bodybuilding, nutrition , or excercising period, I wonder how this dude even became an owner. I really want want to knock this annoying fuck out just leave me alone lol!!! But anyways what other douches have you came across?

the really fat guy that comes in for 20 minutes doing kick backs and hip abductor machine

the really nasty swamp donkey girls coming in asking for nutritional advice only to leave to walk next door too the taco shop

the really skinny kid killing himself trying to bench - I mean serious ask for a spot!!

the person who sweats over everything and doesnt wipe down the equipment yuck!!!

to the person leaving huge piles of shit in the bathroom and not flushing!!!! (only one bathroom)

other than that my gym is cool ol school rugged and looks like a dungeon!!



Will this really matter 5 years from now?

There's a Squat Rack thread for rants like this.


Pay them back by sneaking in for free. There's a good how-to post not very far down the list.


Am I the only person who doesn't care whether or not people wipe thier shit down when they're done? I never do it, feels like I'm wasting time.
Shit, when the gyms busy I'll work in with people and the bench or whatever will be sweaty, but who cares???
Maybe if people didn't insist on going to the gym in lax pennies or whatever and exposing the MAXIMUM amount of skin possible, so they can really check out their bi's when they get a nice "pump." And yet, they wear baggy sweatpants...


Bitch about stuff in the Curls in the Squat-Rack post.

People in the gym can be tremendously annoying:

  1. Buy earbuds.
  2. Do not remove them for anything
  3. If someone tries to strike up a conversation point to said earbuds.


But then you'd be a stuck up bitch for not letting guys hit on you, um I mean, be your friend.... :frowning:


if someone strikes up a conversation with you, how hard is it to say you're in a rush and can't talk?


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I'm the same way...I really don't give a shit if the piece of equipment I'm about to use is sweaty. I don't get sick often either, so what the fuck...could be coincidence, maybe not. My favorite is when they tell you you've gotta have a towel on the part of the equipment where your head touches it...seriously?


Ma'fucker you high.




All I hear is "Wah wah wahhhhhhhhh". Change your diaper and give your own opinion to him.


Here's some options for the OP if he wants to go about solving this conundrum he finds himself in:

slit the guy's fucking throat
get a new gym membership somewhere else
don't talk to him anymore
print out your initial posting and read it aloud to him (you fucking pussy)

Notice that nowhere on that list did it say "throw a hissy fit over the Interent". And a little bit more advice: get an avatar that doesn't make you look like a sopping wet douche if you're gonna start a thread where you cry and piss and moan about some guy who's a total douchebag.

Also, the guy's advice doesn't sound like it's nearly as off-the-mark as you make it sound. First of all, compound movements when done without proper form certainly are dangerous. I suspect that there are a lot of other douches in your gym who aren't prepared for heavy compound lifts and I wonder if this was the context in which he made that comment. Secondly, powerlifting can definitely destroy your body. Ever heard a laundry list of Jim Wendler's injuries throughout the years? Regarding dieting; yeah, it's bad advice to tell a fatass to eat whatever he wants, but I suspect that he was trying to get at this: that whatever food you eat doesn't mean shit if you don't do cardio and if you do enough cardio you probably can stay relatively in shape without obsessively worrying about limiting your carbs. Lastly, while I wouldn't say that dips are inherently bad, I know plenty of people who avoid them because they tend to irritate their shoulder capsules. So they're bad for some, it would seem.

Looks like you're the douche, you judgmental fucking prick. Where do you get off acting all high and mighty like you know everything about everything related to weightlifting? What gives you the gall to get on here and start ranting and raving about idiots at a gym like a soft-brained mongoloid on her period instead of actually going up to these people and having the fucking bottle to vocalize all this straight to their face? You goddamned simpleton. It drives you up the wall to see some skinny dude struggling to bench? Well, go over and help him and maybe impart some of the wisdom that you've gleaned throughout your weightlifting odyssey. Don't like watching a fat fuck doing db triceps kickbacks and eccentric fly-to-champagne presses with the pink dumbbells, eh? Why, because he's going about everything all wrong? Well, then set him straight, offer to help him reach his goals, show him a couple of new (to him) movements or some different techniques and approaches to losing some weight. If the gym owner is such the ignorant barnacle that you make him out to be, they certainly can't rely on him for proper advice.


And now to redirect this thread. I've been helping a friend get into shape since the beginning of the year. He was one of those guys who used to lift like twice a week and had no clue what he was doing, had never squatted or deadlifted in his life and his best 1rm on benchpress was about 150lbs. But, he wanted to get into shape and started talking about some new stuff he wanted to start doing. For what his goals were, he was going about it all wrong, and he was nowhere near being ready to start some intermediate-level bodybuilding workout that focused on a lot of slow negatives, strip sets and that sort of thing.

So rather than get on here and rant and rave about what a fucking idiot he is and how I HATE motherfuckers who don't know shit about weightlifting and so on, I told him that what he was planning on doing was counter-productive to his goals (becoming stronger,faster, more athletic and getting bigger being a distant fourth goal) and that if he was willing to commit to several days a week and could work around my schedule, he was more than welcome to work out with me at my home where I have a squat rack, bench and all that good shit. We started with just practicing form on the main compound lifts with an empty barbell and doing a LOT of mobility work. After learning how to deadlift off of pins and how to squat off of a box from above parallel, he's started doing actual deadlifts and squats (with proper depth, good form) about a month ago. I've got him started on 5/3/1 now and although he can only squat something like 125 lbs, the first time he squatted with a barbell on his back he fell over, so he's made a lot of progress. Up next: learning the Oly lifts.......

Anyone else got any stories like this to share? Anyone else actually doing something to help the less-knowledgeable out there?


The wiping of sweat is insisted upon more for aesthetic reasons than practical ones... because if people really WERE concerned about minimizing germ exposure they would insist on wiping down the dumbbell/machine handles after use - which are far and away the most disgusting things one routinely comes into contact with at a commercial gym.


I know I don't really care at all if people wipe their shit. Actually, if soemone's on something I'm waiting for I'll just tell them to not even worry about wiping it down. They usually say "You sure?" and it's like yeah, that shit is going to be way nastier when I'm through with it.

I will say, I always wipe my shit down afterwards because it's gym rules, and I really am a pretty profuse sweater.


13 year old kid in my gym asked me the other day to teach him to deadlift. I obliged.

Little over a month ago I taught a kid how to squat properly. Win.

It is truly a joy to be able to pass on the gift of training.

EDIT - wow, JOY, not job to be able to pass on the gift


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Headphones. Cap down to your eyes. Look pissed. DONT MAKE EYE CONTACT.

Seriously, Its been said sooooo many times on these forums. We all feel you OP, and it really is annoying but you can't control what other people do and it's a losing battle.


You might also consider learning how to write (and spell) so you don't come across like a guy who walks around a Planet Fitness grunting "I pick stuff up and then I put it down!"


Lol (laugh out loud) what? I won my elementary spelling bee man, idk (I do not know) what you're talmbout (talking about).

Oh and may I suggest putting "want to" between ALSO and CONSIDER from your post? I just think it flows better as a sentence if it was written as such.