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It’s not that I want you to prove your strength to me, just I want you to try it. Just like there are big differences between full depth and box depth there are big differences between a set of 30 and a set of 50. I can take criticism when it’s just, but I want you to try it and see if you really think a beginning lifter could do that in a couple months. If you do and still say the same thing fine.

Is this the relevant time to point out I did a set of 30 deep squats with bodyweight 3 months into lifting? And got it on video?


My opinion is that 30 deep squats at bodyweight likely translates well to 50 half squats at the same weight, based on my own experiences with the difficulty/effort required to perform each.

I also wanted to throw this out there: I don’t believe these 30-50 rep sets are an effective tool for building the squat if they’re not used in conjunction with significantly lower-rep sets, the latter being more of a focus than the former. I consider anything over 20 reps of any type of squat to be much more of a conditioning tool. CT’s article yesterday highlights this fact well. If we assume my actual max is 405, then working with my bodyweight on my back is going to equate to about 40-45% of my max. A load like this is best used for building speed and explosive power. But in this context, that benefit is nil, because the reps are high, placing me in a significantly fatigued state for a good portion of the reps.