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The Power Team

First off…
I DO NOT want to turn this into a damn religion post. If I want religion or politics I’ll go anywhere else on the web. The less of that we have here the better.
So I read in my local paper that “The Power Team” is coming to a church in my town. I’ve never heard of these guys before so I checked out their website. Some of these guys have very impressive #'s. But A lot of what they do sounds like strictly show.
Anyways I was wondering if anyone here has ever seen or heard of them.
If they are going to put on a hard sell for religion I’ll skip it, but if I can watch someone bench 700lbs I’m there!

Of course they’re going to preach. They use their physical achievements as a platform for ministry. That’s not to say you shouldn’t go. A T-man has three compononents that need to be trained; physical, intellectual AND spiritual. Neglecting one would be like lifting, eating, but not sleeping. I’m not advocating any sort of religion here, or calling anyone who doesn’t believe in one thing or another ignorant. In order to be wise a man should explore his world and psyche. Anyways, from what I’ve heard they are some strong dudes!

I didn’t see their numbers on the website. Are they posted anywhere?

i think they came to my school when i was in high school. they didnt lift any weights they just did other feats of strength. like bending bars and shit like that.

I live in missouri and have seen the power team 3 or 4 times, I have also done a mixed power team/impact team show (I am a former member of the impact team) and I know for a fact that most of the feats of strengh they do are fixed. I have seen themn do the shit back stage. now with that said they are some immensely strong dude’s. but everyone from my team disliked the way the power team misrepresented themselves and never did a show with them again. and for all those wondering who the hell is the impact team? we were a powerbreaking team that did high schools and stuff like that. And for all those who are just gonna say I’am hatin, we ranked 3rd at the arnold classic in the martial arts comptetion. I rode in a elevator with Lee Priest. it was freakin sweet.

Merlin, check the meet the team page

apayne, I hear you and of course I expect them to preach some. I just don’t want to sit through a 2 hour sermon.

don’t know any specifics, sorry.