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The Power Stack

I have finish most of my stack. The Tribex and M any ways. I didn’t know how much effect it had on me until I ran out. I was really pushing alot of weight. Know I still move the same amount of weight but it just seems tough. I guess I will have to get me some more or maybe some Mag10. I need to put on hella weight.

yeah i put on a couple of pounds of lean mass without doing androgens. the other day i deadlifted 500lbs. for 3 reps. That’s how much i did when i was on androgens. I find myself having to cut my workouts because i just keep going and going. laters pk

Do not hesitate to try the Mag-10. If the Tribex and M were working well for you Mag-10 will blow you away matie. Try the suggested stack of Mag 10 for two weeks and Tribex with M for two weeks. You will like what you see. If it can work so well for an old fart like me then imagine what it could do for you.