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The Power of Paradox


what does it mean to you?


How a person like you is still alive.


There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the OP is on some powerful drugs.


Because death doesn t exist really! It is just an illusion :slight_smile:


It's a clash of models... that's why we need a paradigma shift. But for one model to conquer the other, the believers of the old model need to perish.

So gym Jesus, lead the revolution. Walk over dumbbells!


To me a paradox is knowing that (supposedly) jesus died about 2000 years ago, and yet here he is, today, typing in the internet.


To me a paradox would be two mallards


a paradox is the sound made by the wings of a concept at the moment it leaves its chrysalid.


So Jesus, could you tell us whats behind the curtain?


you already have all the answers :slightly_smiling:


Jesus, I caved into the sin of gluttony last night. I ate an entire Hawaiian pizza, a tub of Spumoni ice cream and a "family pack" of fruit gummies, under the false rationale that my muscles were somehow "depleted" and consuming this feast, that for all intents and purposes should have been air-dropped into Iraq for an entire battalion of soldiers to enjoy, would somehow do something positive to my body (glycogen blah blah, leptin blah blah, you get the idea).

I can tell you're pretty pissed, so I'd like to make it up to you. I'm not game for that albino self-whipping thing from Da Vinci Code, but if there's anything else you need I'm your guy, buddy.





HEY BRO, I usually like to raise my leptin by going at mc donalds getting : 1 big mac, 1 bbq wrap, 1 big tasty w bacon 1 big french fries... or about 2 lbs of gelato (stracciatella, zuppa inglese, dark chocolate, nutella, coconouts, pistachios, fior di latte, coffee, tiramisu and a big huge wheap cream topping ) or... burritos supersize, enchiladas, tacos al carbon with cilantro, tortillas a go go, plus raw muffins...

nothing wrong everything is available to us.. just choices uh? then I jump off a window and fly like Peter Petrelli!
what else?


and this what does tell to you, brother?


hey amazing synchronicity I was just looking at who you were and noticed you are from Holland, and few minutes ago I was surfing the web with the idea to be a few days in Amsterdam around Christmas

you see... synchronicity


I don't know if it's paradoxical, but, in life, only 3 things matter:

Aqua fresca,
Fica Bella,
Cazzo duro!


I cannot tell that this is different from my idea!

any way I validate any other idea :slight_smile: I am at zero point


somehow I knew we would have spoken yesterday as I saw you avatar, as the heavy dumbbell was very attractive to me. I train at home and It felt like I had to have it in my basement


My 'heavy dumbell' is attractive to many...