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The Power of Motivation


A powerful tool, a deciding factor in intensity: One's motivation. yes you've squatted Xx much before, but can you today? Do you have the strength, the mental fortitude, the capacity to push through, to do it again, to do more? Do you spend every possible moment in an attempt to better yourself, better your body? Whats stopping you?

The power of motivation, a quality of damn near super hero proportions. You spend countless hours in a gym, for days and days on end. You push your body to limits and beyond, climbing the peak of perfection. DO you have it? Are you motivated enough to squat this 500lbs, and stand back up with it? it hurts, so what. The power of motivation provides the velocity to break through the pain barriers, the limitations placed upon us by our muscle. A velocity that can provide us enough speed to reach the stars. Happy lifting, friends.




Great find, makes me want to head back to the gym after watching it.


Look up zhasni on youtube thats one of his videos he has a lood of them good for watching just before you go to the gym.


ronnie coleman.
best inspiration


Listen to ronnie, he is probably one of the best people to listen to for advice and how to build muscle. But how many people listen to internet experts over him?

It's ridiculous, they will downplay his experience/knowledge and just say you can't do what he says because of his genetics and steroids, people fall into it without a second thought.


Akuma, I like your attitude... lol. =)


If this video doesn't make you want to go straight to the gym then you have no pulse! Thanks OP.


You and 3 others...


Make that 4 :wink:


awesome vid!!!!


I liked the vid, too, although sometimes I'm not sure anyone (even Kai himself) knows what the hell Kai is talking about.


That piece with tom platz at the end... really motivating


Nice vid.


awesome video!


another that is just as, if not more, powerful. The finding of this movie was a bit ironic in my situation lol. Ah life...


Pretty cool, i am always looking for motivation. Here is one of my personal favs.


It usually takes a little bit of editing to condense his thoughts into something a normal person can follow. I've watched a few unedited clips of him and was left shaking my head more than once.

His Treadmill Confessions vids are solid, but I gotta wonder what they were like before someone came in and cut it all up into something watchable.


damn man that video is crazy. How old is that guy? He looks super young?



Here's another video, the things i've read is that he was born in 1988.