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The Power of Letting Go

Or should it be called the Power of The Hell with it.

As some of you know, the subconscious is known to have some pretty powerful hidden and sometimes obvious effects.

I dont want to fall into Psycho-Babble stuff, but I experienced a kind of leap of faith recently and, well, its Belief that makes the subconscious kick in.

It all started with…

-Would you take advice on how to be slim from someone who was never able to change his body comp?
-Would you take advice on how to be rich from someone who was poor?

Ultimately, that translated into a new belief set:

Ill only listen to you if youre better than me in Department X. Dont come in my way giving me advice if I know better. I may listen to you if I do have the time, but theres almost no chance of that happening because Im too busy applying Boss Xs advice. But you`ll never hear me say this verbatim. My posture, my actions will speak for themselves.

That`s where the subconscious kicks in. If you truly believe it, the autopilot kicks in and your body-language does all the talk.

In job settings, it keeps time-wasters at bay. People take you seriously. Bosses respect you. And you didn`t say a word.

But its not enough to know it intellectually. It wont broadcast until you close your mind and take the noise out. When you let go of the noise and drainers, that`s when you start broadcasting … and things start to change.

Call it the American Beauty effect…

Maybe it`s because of lowered cortisol levels, but that mindset change translated into gaining a couple of pounds of lean mass in the last week.

Now I understand the power trip of assholes. Follow them. Copy them. They know what they`re doing. And people usually and willingly open them doors all along the way.

It`s all in the Eye of the Tiger, the Killer Instinct, the Focus thing.

Tune the noise out. The-Hell-with-it maybe what is missing to change your life.

Feelin’ ya Dan C. I call my attitude the “they can’t make me care” attitude, which is basically the same kind of thing you got going there. Most people don’t take the time to think about it:
No one can make you care about something. Only YOU have the power to do that. When you start giving other people permission (even subconsciously) to start making you care, that’s when the stress starts. Now don’t get me wrong here, I’m one of the more sensitive types, meaning I notice the little things about people, etc. I’m not some crass self-absorbed jerk or anything. But when somebody comes up to me and starts bitching about something inconsequential, I consciously recognize the fact that I really don’t give a flying shit about what the person is telling me. I don’t let them decide my emotions for me. That’s why I can be so ice cold and efficient in the E.R. when blood is squirting everywhere, there’s spleen chunks on the floor, screaming, etc. I would say that it’s not “letting go” for me… it’s more like taking complete control over myself.

I see where you are coming from and have actually lived that way for a while, and still do for the most part.
But I generally try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt before I dismiss what they have to say.
Look at CT for example, he wasn’t a lean guy by any stretch of the word (don’t kill me CT) but the man knew damn well what he was talking about, and now he has proven it.
Did his information and knowledge somehow become better? No. A little more credible to somebody who doesn’t know anything about him? Yes. But that is their fault for judging him before they listened to him.

So I try to give everyone a chance before I let them know I think they are stupid.

“Oh. I’m sorry, did I look like I was interested?”


Hey, ShortDave, good job.

I hope all reader find the middle road to this post.

Dan C- its not psychobabble, its the truth. I’ve recently come to accept as the gospel truth that to get ahead in life without wasting years of your life, you have to listen to people who are already where you want to be. I’ve been reading tons of self-help, financial adivce books lately and they ALL say the same thing. I think it was Jim Rohn who said something like: “Why try to do it all by yourself when you can find a mentor who’s done it already and can show you the best way to do it. You don’t have to be Lewis and Clark.”

I have recently found a mentor to improve one area I need major improvement in. And eveything he says is true.
I have also been talking to t-maggers who’ve achieved the same goals I want to achieve, and that helps a lot.

ShortDave- CT’s posts related to strength and mass increases, areas he is quite succesful in, and he never once mentioned physique transformation until he had done it himself (in such a dramatic fashion that ranks among the best I’ve ever seen!)
I just had to throw that in there. I know where you’re coming from though.

“Letting go” is indeed a very powerful mindset for success in life.
If you’re interested in really looking into this way of thinking for success, pick up Lynn Grabhorn’s “Excuse me your life is waiting”. I’ve read many self help/business performance/leadership books over the years and this is by far the best of any and the most simple.