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The Power Metal Thread


my favorite style, i want to know about new bands on this genre.

My new favorite band is White Skull specially the album Public Glory, Secret Agony with Federica.

my staples are: Helloween, Forgotten Tales, Blind Guardian, Iron Savior


Rhapsody Of Fire
Iced Earth qualify?


Will be following this thread. I'm bad at finding new bands and listen to the same stuff I did 5 years ago but will check out what has been mentioned when I find time. Favorites are Gamma Ray and Hammerfall.


know all about them, you can post your favorite ones.


Hammerfall is awesome

never listened much to Gamma Ray due to helloween preferenc, post some musics.


yeah power metal is alright. I like a handful of bands.

Hammerfall - Hero's Return

Crimson Thunder doesn't have very good reviews on EncMetallum but I love it :smiley:


This stuff is indeed awesome. A few I've had stuck in my head recently:


also kaiser nice rec on White Skull. Even with a girl singing, they are pretty good...

d/ling some more Blind Guardian stuff now, only have the Imaginations album by them.


Old school (screamer/shredder era)--

This is the best concept album nobody's ever heard.

Also Check out early Mike Varney and Roadrunner Records showcase bands:


ooo Crimson Glory... great album, n1 Steely, listening now again


Sabaton - Ghost Division

Kamelot - The Black Halo

Alestorm - Wenches & Mead

Powerwolf - Prayer in the Dark

Hollenthon - Sons of Perdition

Axxis - Lady Moon

Power Metal makes my balls wet.


Does Edguy count?

This is the most cheeky, hilarious, metal video I've seen so far:

Pay attention, there's some great innuendo.


I love powermetal with female vocals

how could i forgot about this song.


i love Marty Friedman never thought about Racer X as power metal

here is the song that brought me to power metal


fuckin' love Helloween, fav power metal band, beats the piss outta Edguy. My favorite power metal song ever




GASP! "Paul Gilbert" = RacerX

Well, you have to put the timeframe into perspective.

When Street Lethal came out in the mid/late 80's (Gilbert was 18 or 19), that dropped a lot of jaws. Most stuff was just "Metal" (excepting "Thrash", which Powermetal isn't). Even the thrashers had big hair.

The only things that were faster/intense was thrash, and Anthrax, Metallica, etc had a pretty distinctly different sound. Helloween was around then, too!

As mentioned in my last post Road Runner Records and the Mike Varney showcases (Shrapnel Records) WERE the template for "power metal" (and later Metal Blade records).

It was those shredders that brought in the 'neo-classical' influence and that 'epic' power metal sound, like Yngwie Malmsteen (epic keys, epic vocalists screaming about dragons and shit). In fact, I'll go so far as to say if you trace back that sound, it stops at Yngwie Malmsteen.

Absolutely NOTHING sounds wholesale like this before this stuff-- we take this sound for granted today, but this level of shredding and epic keyboard tradeoffs with the fast double bass just wasn't around en masse.

There was 'fast' and 'fast and heavy' but not this template sound (heavy influences like Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, Motorhead, etc):

Another early powermetal band (Vinnie Moore's old band):


Subscribed. This is an epic way to start work.


my bad to me Jason Becker, Marty Friedman and Paul Gilbert are the same person, lol.