The power look whilst recovering from injury

Hi CT,

I was wondering if you could look at my situation and help out…

I’m a big fan of your style of training and have been using the double progression method for quite a while now.

My training looked like this before getting injured:training 3 times a week and alternating back and forth between 2 workouts.

W.O. A:

Trap bar deadlift - 5x5
SGHP - 5x5
1-2 accessary exercises


Push press - 5x3-5
Bench press - 5x3-5
2-3 accessary exercises

This was developing the power look really well. However, I injured my QL muscle on the right side and since then have had to drop and replace the Deadlift, SGHP and Push press due to needed to let my QL injury heal.

So this is what I’m doing now:

W.O. 1
Seated row - 5x6-8
Lat pull down - 5x6-8
KB swings - done light for 50-75 reps as rehabilitation (can tolerate well)
Farmers walk - 3x 1 min (can tolerate well)

W.O. 2
Seated overhead press - 5x6-8
Incline bench press - 5x6-8
KB swings - done light for 50-75 reps as rehabilitation
Farmers walk - 3x 1 min

My main questions are:

1)Do you think this is the best set up for maintaining/building the power look (bearing in mind that I cannot deadlift or SGHP for the time being)?

2)Do you think doing a strict wide grip up-right row is a good exercise in my situation? If so should I add it in as well or replace an existing exercise.

Lastly, I’d just like to say to anyone reading this, if you are doing a lot of posterior chain dominant movements regularly and or squatting regularly make sure you maintain the healthy QL muscles through stretching. When the become tight or unbalanced, they become vulnerable they can really mess u your training.

Doing the ‘banana stretch’ where you lie flat on your back and bend your body to one side making it resemble the shape of a banana (google it in images and you’ll see what I mean) at the end of your workout cold help a lot.

Thank you in advance CT for any advice you could give and thank you greatly for your time,