The Power Drive Personal Semi-Challenge

With all this controversy surrounding the ideal delivery liquid of Power Drive (water v. club soda), I decided a new approach: Eating the powder straight out of the container. I did this based on a dual contigency of 1)hypothesis that translingual delivery could be faster and more potent and 2)I fucking felt like it. I held about 3/4 a scoop under my tounge for 30 seconds. Though I used a smaller dose than usual, the PD hit harder and quicker than ever before. Serendipity is a fun 'lil experimental condition, no? Now my mouth tastes all orangy too.

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Soladarity brother Eric,have just copied your method and have decided that real T-men eat their Power Drive Raw!

I’m 99% sure the particles are too large for bucal (sp?), sublingual absorption.

I mix mine with chocolate syrup and whipping cream!

I may try it too. I tried to mix it with Perrier and the carbonation shot out over the glass and I lost about half a dosage.

Do any of the other Power Drive users see a reason why one shouldn’t eat it raw?

Mmmmm, how about a Power Drive Caramel Frapucino?! Yowza, babee!

What kind of a bruiser eats their Power drive raw.

IV drip…could use one of those cow growth implant extraction kits maybe…is animal back in the states yet?

You guys are all little nancy girls always cryin and wantin yer mamma. Just be a man and inject it, ya buncha babies!

So who will be the first to snort it?

Master Chris- You are a fat fuck, sir. Shall I bring you the evening pape and perhaps your Hello Kitty slippers?

Shane- Perrier? You upptiy bitch. Chew! Chew! (A la Ren and Stimpy)

Patricia- How do you stay so lean with all these psychotic craving ravings?

Master Chris- You’re still fat, sir.

p_nub- Me. And these jackoffs.

Heb- Right on.

John Roman- STFU Sock Puppet. Is it hug time?

Sergio- Soon as I get my next canister.

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Ungh. All I can say is that it had better hit me like a shot in the arm, or it’s back to soda water. It tastes horrible. But what’s the science behind it? I just ended up swallowing it, as it didn’t really dissolve.

I’ve snorted PD. Intra-nasal adsorption seems to be marginally better than sublingual … but it turns your nose hairs orange.

Not a problem if you’re an orangutan. Since 1808.

You’re all sissy boys. Even Patricia. Take it rectally like the pro-bodybuilders do.

Well…well…Shugs…realizing that I have absolutely nothing witty to add to thisgrrrrback to my Power Drive Caramel Frapucinogrrrr

So I can assume that we’ll be seeing the Power Drive suppository special coming soon to an opening page near us? Any chance ya’ll will have that ready for Xmas. What a stocking stuffer–er, so to speak.

I tried it, nasty. I am still trying to scrape the lumps that have fused to my teeth. I think that I will definitely pass on the rectal method.

What if we stuff some in our ears, bang it home with a Q-tip, should get to the brain really fast then, right?

big laughs all over, thanks for the good times. laters pk

I take it the “Thin-Air” way, personally. Sure, some people tell me my jar is empty, but what do they know. Absorbs faster this way, too, although the scoop feels lighter now that they’re is nothing in the jar. Hmm…

Oh, alas, to have money!