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The Post MD6 days...need new fat burner

Okay fellas, MD6 is gone. No more. Finished :(…it makes me sad. What the hell am I suppose to use now? I want to know if anyone has tried finding the ingredients in MD6 and making a replica of the product. I thought about using some Xenadrine, Biotest T2, and yohimbe. The problem is that I need to know a good maker of Yohimbe. I would love some feedback. Thanks everyone. Peace.

Do a search on Google for MD6 Biotest.

There is still one place online that is listing it, not sure if they still have it but I assume so.

If you do a search on Yohimbe on this site, you’ll find a recommend on effective dosage. TwinLab’s product (Yohimbe Fuel) was recommended in that article since their product is a standardized extract.

Thermonex by BSN
20mg ephedra alk
500mg L-tyrosine
200mg caffeine
10mg forskolin
5mg yohimbe
100mg ala
( this is my favorite fat burner now)

I was wondering if Biotest is still working on a new ephedrine free fat burner?

Hypothetically speaking, look up “protein factory” online and they’ve still got MD6 in stock, I ordered some on thursday.

Before you worry about that, how id your diet? Unless it kicks ass (and there are plenty of kick ass diet articles on the site) then why waste the money?

EAS’ Betalean HP is good stuff. Unfortunaly GNC won’t insure coleaus forskoli so EAS is dropping the HP in late november.
Everything goes to hell these days…

Anyone heard anything on this new Lean System 7?

I don’t really know a lot about the effectiveness of Forskolin, which is the active ingredient of Lean System 7. But they’re using an old photo of Sean Phillips to sell their product - one taken prior to the invention of lean system 7, and we all know SP has had ab sculpting surgery. The stuff might or might not work, but I object to the quasi- deceptive advertising - reason enough for me to stay away.

an awesome product is called Lipo-6 by NUTREX. it has : Ephedra Sinica 335 mg, Caffeine Anhydrous USP 200 mg, Citrus Aurantium 100 mg, Yohimbine HCL 3 mg, Coleus Forskohlii 50 mg, & Bioperine 5 mg per serving and it’s not that expensive. supposedly it hits ?1, ?2, ?3, alpha-1, alpha-2 and alpha-3 fat receptors simultaneously. laters pk

You can find all the ingredients MD6 contained seperately if you want to build your own MD6. I would recommend Twinlab’s Yohimbe Fuel as the source of Yohimbe as it has always worked well for me.

On your comment on Shawn Philips. Is this something well known… (i.e. his ab sculpting surgery). I am ignorant to such things, but glad you mentioned it. Kind of depressing that he speaks like he has done things so naturally and then goes and gets surgery, I guess, to make his abs look better.

dps nutrition has MD6 listed on thier site.

Yeah. DPS has listed, the new md6. Is md6 really that superiorto the other fat burners?

yeah, sucks eh. His use of the ab etching procedure is fairly well documented here at T- Mag, though they are more careful about mentioning it nowadays, 'cos they don’t want to get sued. Oh, and don’t forget that Sean Phillips is (at least) a former steroid user.

Biotest is working on a new fat burner, to be released said. I emailed them about dpsnutritions md6 and they said they are working on a new formula