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I guess I'm resurrecting my old T-Nation training log again.


Week 2, Day 1


Olympic Squats, Beltless

50% 1x5 265lbs
60% 1x4 315lbs
70% 2x3 370lbs
80% 5x2 420lbs

Bench, Paused, Pinky on the Rings

50% 1x5 205lbs
60% 1x4 245lbs
70% 2x2 285lbs
80% 5x3 325lbs

Facepulls - 5x10

Pushups - 5x10

Olympic Front squat, Beltess

45% 2x3 185lbs
55% 2x3 225lbs
60% 4x2 265lbs

I based the Front Squat percentages off my best Front Squat (405) instead of of my Back Squat because my lower back was reaching it's limit. No sense in doing a weight that would get me injured.


Oh, and feel free to ask me anything. It's been a while since I started a new training log, so I forget how these things work from time to time.


Welcome back. What's your BW these days? You're looking pretty thick in the avi.


Thanks man, it's been a while since I did any serious posting here. My BW is around 210-215lbs at 5'7 these days. I believe I was 210lbs in my avi, but doing Sheiko is causing me to lean out a little bit, so I could be down to 205lbs right now for all I know.


Well isn't this just great.......


In for the Sheiko awesomeness. Which program are you running right now?


Oh hai babez, you inspired me to start posting my training again. We all miss you at TPS. I just wish I was as beautiful as you and have as many groupies <3


I'm starting Shieko 29. I'm a big proponent of block periodization. So while Sheiko is a form of block, I like using it right now because I don't have to write a training cycle from scratch for my off season training. I hope that makes sense.


Yeah, it makes sense. I like how it's pretty much "set up" for you, just plug in your numbers and go. Hope you get some big results from it. You got any meets lined up in the future?


I just came off from a meet back October 22nd. I totalled 1520lbs with a 525 squat, 365 bench, and a 630 deadlift. I'm pretty meh about the squat and bench because I told my coach I had 550 in me, but he went conservative with my squat because I bombed last meet. He thought I was still being a headcase. I hit 405 in the gym on bench, but I missed 420 at the meet. The deadlift was the only thing that went as planned.

I plan on staying raw until USAPl raw nationals before I go back to multi-ply. I have a few raw goals and a vendatta to settle first.


You're tomtom's friend aren't you?


He's Yoda and I'm Luke Skywalker.


I too unfortunately have shared quite some time with their clan.


Haha, we're really good friends, more like brothers at this point. He writes all my programming and he's a really good coach. I owe any and all of my success to him.


That's a killer total man, I can't wait to reach those numbers!

Good luck on crushing your goals man.


Shouldn't you be pushing the prowler or something?


Thanks man, my short term meet goal is to hit 1600 in a meet. I believe I already have the strength for it, it's a matter of performing it at a meet. I'd like to take Junior USAPL Raw Nationals, and also contend for the open title as well.


Junior? How old are you man?

God damn these "kids" making me feel SO WEAK.

Man, my 5 year goal is to hit a 1600 total, shit


I turned 22 this past July Sir.