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The Politics and World Issues Book Thread


Since I don't see this thread being started anytime soon although it was suggested on the "Atheism-o-phobia thread" as a book suggestion and discussion thread. Oh well carry on.


Just ordered the book online yesterday. A Refutation of Moral Relativism is the first book. Swoleupinya has other priorities at the moment so he won't be able to start until a little later.


Had to call me out didn't you?

Alright... I'll get the damn book on Tuesday. It looks like I'll have a few light weeks in-between classes, anyways.


School and life in the real first. I wouldn't put the forums ahead of my real life and I wouldn't expect you to. But I'm sure I'm speaking to the choir on this one.


Oddly enough, I'm finding that this forum has a lot of value for me.... obviously it's not more important than my school work or my family, but it is one of the only places I can consistently get stimulating intellectual discourse right now.

It's a heap better than most of the forums I've come across, though admittedly I don't look very hard.


I fully agree, obviously there are certain dominant political affiliations, but compared to most of the drivel found on the internet, these forums are pure gold.

<3 you guys
(no homo)


Concerning books I have read most of this free book called "The Irrational Atheist" by Vox Day, a critique on the new atheism movement available here http://www.irrationalatheist.com/downloads.html
Although I have heard many good things about David Berlinski's book called "The Devil's Delusion".

For you two who are reading "A Refutation of Moral Relativism" tell me how you are enjoying it.


Probably won't get started on the book until tomorrow night at the earliest. Finals.


I know how you feel, I just finished finals on Friday and had to work at all day at school on Monday and Tuesday.


Everything you want to know about politics today can be found in a book from the 1950's: Atlas Shrugged. The parallels between her fiction and today's world are uncanny. She once said that you can understand people and societies by looking at their philosophy. Wow! Spot on!


I think it's only fair that the next book be from the atheist's perspective.

And, if this devolves to reading fucking Ayn Rand, I'm done with it.

The original idea was to post a book to read, give a 15-day window in which to do it, then have a 15-day discussion before the next book. Is this still okay for everyone?


1 vote here.


Certainly, however wasn't cortes the one who suggested reading that book? Anyways I need to get that book as well if I plan on participating.


Yeah, it was Cortes. I kind of came up with the idea of the book club as a concession for being a dick to him in my first few posts. BTW - He seems to disappeared recently... must be off conquering the new world.


I was wondering what happened myself. He had some good things to say.


Does it need to be political or religious?

I like "The Moral Animal" by Robert Wright. I read along with some other text books for an evolutionary neuroscience class.

I am a christian, while some of the ideas presented may go against my beliefs, it would be idiotic not to apply similar social structures and patterns of behavior to humans for a better understanding of their behavior.

It also makes a very strong case for just how how moronic it is to fall into the PC trap and say we should not classify or stereotype groups of people.



Well, I just took my last final exam... sitting on a 4.0, so it's time to get plugging away for more scholarship money!

I do have some time, though... heading to the library in a few minutes to try and find that book.