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The Poliquin Principles

Hey There-

I’m trying to find a copy of The Poliquin Principles. I’d like to get ahold of all of Charles Poliquin’s bread and butter techniques, his fundamentals of training, for instance, pairing agonists/antagonists, rotator cuff training, etc. I’m of the understanding that his book, The Poliquin Principles, is out of print. I’m wondering if anyone would know where I could get a copy? I’m really interested in his methods, and would like to work them into my own training, regardless of my opinion of Reishi mushroom extract, and other such off the wall supplementation advice.

Thanks a lot!


The book is not that great I would go for get buffed if I were you, it is a much better read


Try Poliquin’s website, or a used book search at Amazon. Should be able to find it.

I would recommend investing in poliquins “modern trends in strength training” instead, its a better book with more information that you can’t get from reading his old t-mag.com articles.

TC did a review on Poliquin’s principles a long time ago but they are still avaiable under the previous issues section or just type it into the search space. Also this is just a review i would difinatly check his site and his books are great as well, Modern trends…etc.
good luck.

Here’s a couple of links to articles that will help you, maybe even enough so you won’t have to buy the book:



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