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The Polar Opposite of Planet Fitness?




With co-ed showers and liquor, it's a different kind of "hardcore".



I actually went to the website. It looks like Tool City.


Tool City...that's an understatement, the entire place, not to mention the founder, is a complete joke. And I thought Colorado was such a cool state...




From what I've heard, he's having money and partner problems and might be packing it up.


Smith Machine - check
Free weights - check
Tredmill - check
Liquor, Drugs, and a body-fat restricted orgy room? - Check... wait what?

:frowning: No orgy room for the powerlifters


"You're never going to get a hubby if you're still a chubby"


he's a total wanker....but i guess he got some $$$ outta it so good for him


I'm getting a daypass for the ravish room.


It sounds like a hetero (or not??) Turkish bath house...


I wanna go into the ravish room, where blowjobs and women willing to let me stick it in their ass floruish!



I see no problem with it other than the over the top attempt to degrade the lifters. He isn't doing anything at that club that Chris Cormier didn't do on a daily basis.


The only thing I'd really have a problem with is the darts. WTF?


It's the real life Globo Gym.


Come on X, you know you want to get in on that Ravish room action just as bad as I do...LOL


Yeah if someone threw a dart at me I'd go apeshit like the guy in this video:


I think it sucks that he's having money problems, the website said he was using his money to help fight childhood obesity.