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The Plateau

Okay, so I’m 21, and have been strength training for about 5 months now. I have been pretty dedicated, devoting about an hour and a half at least five days a week to train. I try to hit lower and upper body twice a week, focusing on the major movements like deadlift, squat, bench, ect. I kinda know what I’m doing, but not really. While have a lot of movements in my workout routine, I have trouble knowing which ones are best to do on which days, which ones to superset, and how often i should try to max out. after strength, i usually try to do some light cardio conditioning-biking, sprints, rowing, whatever i can.

Additionally, Ive cut all of the crap from my diet and Ive started to understand what major groups to eat and when (i.e. heavy carbs and protein after eating, fats at night, less carbs during the day) So i say all of that to say that the past two months I really haven’t seen myself getting much leaner. What gives? Should I change up my workouts? Since i don’t really have a program and often write my own workouts am i screwing it up? or is it just that I’m eating too much. help a sister out.