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The planes DID NOT DESTROY WTC in 9/11


Did you read the article fully?

The skyscraper WAS designed to withstand plane hits. The empire state building survived the bomber attack to it. Why would a bigger WTC get destroyed when empire state building didnt?
How can you melt steel that was DESIGNED to withstand that heat? Furthermore inside where the plane hit, many floors have collapsed, lots of dust and not enough OXYGEN to fuel the fire.

And why did the tower collapse so controllably?
It didnt tip over and ALL of the tower fell, not just the top.

Dont trust government people saying "Oh yeh the steel melted" considering that they didnt allow any serious unbiased investigation of it.

If the tower collapsed all due to the plane, it would look much differently. Plane hit only a side of the building, not all of its entire floors at that level. That means that the building would tip over and fall. Not fall down akin a controlled DEMOLITION.

you can never reply to those questions...