The Plan

5’8, 170lb (wrestling injury a few months back), 12%. Currently Don’t Diet with ~2800 kcal; regular day is as follows:

Meal 1 - .5 cup ff cottage cheese
.5 cup ff plain yogurt
1 cup skim milk
1.5 scoop whey
3 prune

Meal 2 - protein bar
15 prune

Meal 3 - .5 can red salmon

Meal 4 - 4 egg
20 fish oil cap

Meal 5 - Surge

Meal 6 - 2 cup milk
2 scoop whey
.5 cup grape
1 potato

Meal 7 - 4 egg
20 fish oil cap

Non/low nutritive vegetables are eaten throughout the day and may add up to 100 kcal. This plan is worked great for the first week, ~2% bf lost. Plan to do another week. Yohimbe used for these 2 weeks. Afterwards I will go back to ~3500 kcal a day (was using prior to 2800) and increase ESW, plan to use for 2 weeks and no yohimbe. Next will be ~2800 kcal again for 2 weeks, no yohimbe. Following will be T-Dawg 2 with higher than recommended kcal and carbs at breakfast and Surge only for 4 weeks; 5X5 snatches 3X weekly to be replaced with 6X2 of new 1RM. No cheat meals will be used. Mornings throughout include Fat to Fire morning GPP, 6 semi-squat sled drags, and 6 belt sled drags. Goal is 8% bf or less by end of all that and 20 pounds added to snatch 1RM. After all this is complete, will likely focus on GPP and make sure snatch is at least maintained. Critiques welcome.