The Plan For Spring....

Ok guys, heres the deal. Im a 19 year old college student. Iv been training seriously for around a year (another year of fucking around before that). I really got serious about my diet at the beginning of last summer and noticed what a huge impact it had on my training. I kept it clean over the summer and put on some lean mass (bw didnt change much, but bf% dropped a good bit).

When school started back, I decided to take full advantage of my unlimited access meal plan. I completely stuffed my face with eggs, cheese, milk, steak, roast beef, fish, bread, rice, veggies, chicken, turkey, and the occasional piece of cake or cookie…anything really. Food was food, the more of it the better.

Needless to say, I grew. I gained 35 lbs between August 20th and December 9th (I am currently 5’8" at 175). Some of that was bodyfat, but my lifts all increased a good bit…I added 20 lbs to my bench and 60 to my squat/deadlift.

Heres the deal…I want to continue my progress this semester, however, I want to clean my diet up and lean out some while Im at it. Just as a quick disclaimer…Im not talking about cutting, I dont want to get “Ripped like Bruce Lee” and Im not trying to find out what my bf is when holding a shoe. I was just curious as to what others think of my diet plan.

I plan on continuing to gain weight in the long run, but to simply increase the quality of that weight.

So…heres the plan:

2 whole eggs, 3 whites
1/2 cup Oats (dry) w/splenda, creatine

Mid-day (in class):
Protein shake-1 1/2 scp whey, 2 tsp flax oil

Bigass turkey and roast beef sandwich on wheat bread.
Skim Milk

Mid afternoon:
Another bigass turkey sandwich on wheat.

Protein shake=1 1/2 scp whey, creatine, glutamine, sugar

8 oz. boneless/skinless chicken breast
Skim Milk

Can of tuna

As far as supps go, Im only taking whey, creatine, glutamine, and a multi…hey, Im broke as it is with all of the groceries, haha.

Sorry for the long ass post, but I was curious as to how this looks considering my goals. I lift 3 times/week and my main goal is to get stronger. Im doing a version of Starr’s 5x5, and also planning on not neglecting my cardio the way I did last semester (I think I did cardio maybe 5 times the whole semester).

I dont really care about being ripped or shredded or anything like that, as Im not big enough to worry about it yet, but I would like it if I didnt have anything hanging over my bathing suit come summertime.

A few things jumped out at me in your post-

“Ripped like Bruce Lee” - WTF is that? Is that in reference to a post on here or something? I hope it was a joke.

You gained about 3lbs a week and your bench only went up 20lbs? I’m guessing more of it was fat than you think.

Why eat the Oats dry?

Why are you drinking skim milk?

Overall your food intake looks like a diet. What are you total calories and macros? (if you know)

The Bruce Lee thing was a joke. I was trying to make it clear that Im not trying to diet down from my current weight, just increase the quality of the weight I gain.

I know my bench didnt go up much at all, but considering the types of gains I made on my squat and deadlift, I think I did ok. I would say the majority of the weight was in my legs, as I had to buy larger boxers to fit my quads. Chest is my hardest area to train…I make gains, but they come very slowly compared to my other bodyparts.

As for the skim milk, I would rather take in my fats from red meat, fish, eggs, and almonds than from whole milk as well as I have always had skim milk and like the way it tastes more than whole milk. Also, I am eating at a school dining hall, so everything is pretty shitty there…even the “lean” stuff is pretty fatty.

Whats listed there is a basic outline. Knowing me, I will most likely eat a good deal more than that throughout the day as I get hungry.

One more thing, I noticed I said I gained 35 lbs…that should be 25…I guess I hit the wrong button. Still…not so bad for 3 1/2 months.

Oh yeah, and the 1/2 cup is the measurement before I cook them…haha, sorry for the confusion.