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The Pit Workout

I was looking around for some conditioning ideas, and I happened to receive an advertisement for the Pit Workout dvd in the box with my order from Tapout. Has anyone used this? The price is really good compared to other similar dvds out there.

Here’s the link:

i am pretty sure it’s basically a crossfit w/o or a bunch of them…they’re gym is called crosspit or something like that…i would imagine you’d be very conditioned, but probably wouldnt do much for strength.

Actually, it’s not a crossfit workout at all. It’s a bodyweight calisthenics circuit. The DVD set has 3 workouts: upper body focus, lower body, and combined.

Pushup variations, shadow boxing, squats, sprawls, rope skipping, burpees, that sort of thing. It’s a good conditioning workout that requires no equipment. Not bad at all.