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the pill (birth control)

gf has been on pill for 1 month and 12 days… can i not use a condom now? or should i still use one? (pregancy issues)

If I judge your age correctly, I would wear about 3 of them if I were you.

Just pull out and shoot it on her face :wink:

Fill her up!

why should i use 3? this was a serious question…

Do you not think asking a doctor/family planning clinic would be better. Some people’s dicks should be removed at birth

NEVER use more than one condom at a time. The friction caused by two or more rubbing together will cause both to break.

MBE: “Non-procreative Primate since 1985.”


Yes, asking a DOCTOR would be a much better idea. Preferably the one who put her on BC. However, from what I’ve been told, you usually want to wait at least two months.

one month is the required waiting period, if she hasn’t been sick, over indulged in alcohol or been on antibiotics.

Be careful to remove the condom by unrolling it from the base. If you try to pull it from the end, it could come loose, snap back, and re-load your dick.

I have three friends who’s girlfriends got pregnant when they were “on the pill”. In one case, he later learned that she had only been taking it periodically, not regularly as directed. Carelessness on her part, without his knowledge turned both their worlds upside down, as they were not ready to be parents. The other two we don’t know what happenned, maybe they forgot to take them daily, got lazy, or maybe they intentionally stopped because in both cases my friends had been thinking about breaking off the relationship. Either way, that makes three people I know who “filled her up” thinking she was on the pill, and found out a couple months later that they were going to be fathers.

If pregnancy is a fear, don’t trust your girlfriend, even if you feel like you can trust her completely. I have three friends who can tell you how far that trust will take you when she forgets to take the pill daily out of pure carelessness or simply forgetting, or if she stops taking them intentionally. You won’t know. Wear a condom, unless you are prepared to be a father in the event of an accident. You can always trust yourself, there are no guarantees otherwise, no matter how well you think you know this girl, or how much you believe she will rembmer to take that little pill EVERY day.

Michelle, the pill is actually effective much quicker than you think. I’ve spoken to “those in the know” at Planned Parenthood. The pill is effective within one week of taking it (as long as the person taking it is doing so correctly).

The assumption that the pill takes only a week to take effect is kinda irresponsible. I only say that because BCP’s inhibit ovulation. If the woman is three weeks away from her next ovulation, how can you say that the pill is “effective” after only a week? Take the safe road here and wait at least a month.

May I ask something?Let’s say u married guys and your wife want to have sex,but don’t want kids,how do u prevent that?Do the men wear condoms and the ladies take the pill?Wondering.
I am young and dumb.:slight_smile: