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The Pics Homepage is done...finally!

Well, guys- it took me a long time to get the guts to post my pics on the forum, but the day has finally come. For those of you who don’t know my story, it’s all described on the homepage. Basically, my progress shows what it takes when you have to absolutely start over from scratch when you’re only 18 years old. Use the links on the left side of the page to chart my progress from June of 2000 (a few months after I got out of the hospital) until February, 2002 (just before I started my cutting cycle). I figured that everyone likes to know who they’re talking to, so I finally got with the program and bought a scanner!


That is truly fantastic. Talk about working from a blank slate! Great back, especially lower traps moving down to the middle of the back. Your progress may be plainly visible for those who know nothing about bodybuilding, but I imagine that only we gymrats genuinely understand what you’ve accomplished. You’re a classic case of a guy who’s learned everything from scratch, and in resisting shortcuts, you’ve come out knowing more than guys twice your age. Very cool.

Eric, great job man! You are on your way buddy. You are an inspiration to be sure. Looking good man. Congrats on all the hard work!

Good stuff buddy! Amazing progress and it is only going to get better. It shows what can really be done with hard work and committment.

Keep at it Eric!We college ppl will get thru the time college times while on quest of better body!

Eric thats an outstanding job of laying the foundation for future gains keep up the great
work. If you can could you post you workout program . Again great job and congratulations !

Well done, my friend. Keep up the awesome work.

Simply outstanding! Keep up the great work, and keep us updated!

Eric, Excellent work man! You are definitely a T-Man, and a hell of an inspiration! I had no idea that anyone in my area even new about T-Mag… thought it was my secret. I’m from Maine too, Lewiston area. Once again, helluva good job!

People must really be getting off on your picture, Eric. Everytime I try to look at it… your bandwidth limit is maxed out. You gotta be one bad mammajamma.

Awesome progress! Way to represent!

Yeehaw! I thought that I was the only one that realized T-Mag was a great alternative to just bitching about the weather all the time!

Amazing transformation. Keep it up.

Wow awesome work! Good luck in your future… CONQUESTS!

Wow!!! fantastic job. You should be proud of yourself. One question however. What’s with the cutting cycles? Stay focused on the size gains. Wait till you get significantly bigger before you start worrying about bodyfat levels. This is not to say that your gains so far are’nt significant. They are damn impressive. I don’t imagine you will ever have trouble cutting up when you want to, so why deprive your young body of all the great nutrients it needs to grow. Take advantage of the natural testosterone levels you have coursing through your young body and eat and grow. Keep up the great work brother.

magnus, I disagree. If you’re in the position to be able to maintain a low body fat percentage by periodically using cutting cycles, then why not? It will help ensure that bulking gains are mainly muscle and keep you looking better most of the time, and make progress more steady.

How could I forget in my last post?! Eric, keep up the good work - you’re making great progress.

I definitely understand where you’re coming from in light of the pics. However, as odd as it might sound, I am actually a real endomorph, and gain fat rather easily. I was a fat kid growing up, and I would still be if I hadn’t done something about/gotten sick. Also, a lot of my family members have weight problems, so there is a clear genetic component that predisposes me to such a body type (although I totally disagree that obesity is at all is explained by genetics). I am extremely strict with my diet; if I wasn’t, I would be a fat kid once again! For a while, I did get into the “bulk at all costs” mentality simply because there was no other option. I had no place to go but up. After well over a year of pure bulking, though, my body just stopped responding (I was gained twice as much fat as muscle in spite of having only the slightest caloric surplus). Plus, as I recently discovered, I am physically uncomfortable at anything above 10.5% or so. I just don’t like the idea of the barbell coming to a screeching halt against a gut when I’m doing bentover rows! Over the past few months, a lot of what Jason Norcross has posted/emailed me has really convinced me of the importance of setting an upper limit for where my bodyfat level will be whether I’m bulking or cutting. Plus, I firmly believe in Berardi’s idea that all bodybuilders can benefit from including at least one moderate cutting cycle per year. I’ve decided that, for me at least, 9.5% is the max. I have tremendous willpower, so dieting isn’t a problem for me, but I still have had to be miserable for about two months just to get to my current 6% (more pics to come soon!). Plus, I know that I am setting myself up for some serious lean mass gains in the months to come. In spite of all this, I know that I am always learning; we all are. Nothing is sacred, and since I’m only 20 years old, I still have time to make plenty more mistakes and learn from them. Nonetheless, I am stuck with this tremendous sense of urgency that I need to get big quick. Obviously, it results from missing two years of my life and watching a lot of hard work in the gym go down the tubes, but I just suck it up and keep my goals in mind.

keep up the good hard work. keep eating well and train hard. laters pk

Yo Eric you muthaf*cka, damn despite not knowing I have to say and hopefully speak for the whole T-crew that we are all proud of you. I know you’ve done this with sheer determination, heart and will but don’t forget man, thank the T-mag cuz I know your mass knowledge came from here. But other than that, keep believing in yourself and go for gold bro. Numerous efforts forced upon success has delivered you with a reward that is above all, health and confidence.