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The 'Peter North Effect'?


So I'm wondering what cause his huge loads? I have a hunch it has to do with HCG, but I'd love to hear from those of you with experience. A light topic I know but I am seroius about the question.

Good Times;)


It has to do with genetics. He has been this way forever, since well before it would have been likely that it would have been known to porn stars that Clomid can be useful for this.

As for HCG, not so much so if any.


Yeah, nothing I have used that has the claimed effects of increasing ejaculate volume, has done anything tremendous for me in that regard. Some guys just have all the luck.


Oh, and as to what North himself attributes it to, I believe he credits celery. Lots and lots of celery. But I expect that if that is a difference for him, it would only the last few percent. The rest is genetics.


Thanks guys :wink:


Thanks guys :wink:


Probably possesses the seminal vesicles of a Clydesdale.


HCG at 250iu eod seems to boost my output significantly. I won’t be challenging North anytime soon :wink:


[quote]amphibian wrote:
Probably possesses the seminal vesicles of a Clydesdale.[/quote]



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HAHA funny


Maca increases volume.


Carrotz. Seriously, damn it why nobody mentioned it? ehhhh


Or the real trick: holding a shoe for the money shot.


ZMA, Zinc more specifically.


[quote] Brook wrote:
Maca increases volume.[/quote]

Yup. The ultimate sex cocktail would be the following:
Maca 5-10grams ED
Proviron 50grams ED
Tadalifil 20-25mg ED [no pin intended]
Cabergoline .5mg [twice weekly]
Tamoxifen 40mg ED

Now clearly you may not want to take the tamox ED 365 days a year but it does increase semen volume as much as Clomid IMO and is much easier on the entire system


Yes it is! ;D


It’s nice to see us AAS users incorporating herbal supplements. I’ve known for a long time that the herbs “work”. The Chinese herbal system is extensive and a protocol is available for any situation.


Interesting stuff fellas :slight_smile:



This is a visual thing, useful for the movies and not much else, unless your girl likes huge loads as a birth-control method…IMVVHO…