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The perfect training application (Software)

I’m in the middle of developing an application to log training progress and diet.

It’ll support concepts such as sets, reps, weights, time under tension, muscle category, description of training, it logs when you trained, for how log, when you ate and then how many grams per macronuitrient.

It’ll show you a graph of your progress in any training you want (such as bench press, etc).

You can also compare your diet log for the year to your training success, etc, see what is working for you.

The really cool thing is that I’m planning to incoperate the ability to compare yourself against someone else who has been using this program and I’m also trying to think out a neat way to incorperate “training templates” and “diet templates”, which would work like a scratchboard where you would then put in your selected methods to put into those templates, etc.

(Not to mention the periodazation wizard :wink:

Anyhow, I really, really want to do a state of the art training/diet program, and I'm not planning on charging a friggin thing for this.

All thoughts, wishes, etc are more than welcome at this point, they are desired, since I’m not going to develop something that doesn’t server my target group of users efficiently.

Just don’t forget to have a “notes” section for the nutrition and training section. I always want to write down things that my program doesn’t give me room for. It would be even better if it were in view on the page instead of having a seperate “journal” like crosstrainer has. Sometimes I just wanna write things like “Didn’t get much sleep last night, weights suffered.”

Make a column for supps, too. Things are different when you’re on --sol.

JoHann: DEFINITELY the use of graphs. Many of us (myself included) are more “visual”. It would be great to be able to not only see your progress in numerical form but in the form of graphs. Another thing. Reconsider making it “free”. MOST of the guys on this site(based on previous post) believe in the free market and that the profit motive truly breeds innovation. If your goal is to make THE top training/nutrition software, make a buck off it. It’s also been proven that people often equate “free” with “cheap”, “expensive” with “good”, (which DEFINITELY is not always true), but who am I to change human nature? Don’t think that it will be “better” because it is free. Just my “two cents” worth!

hey man we had a post about this a few days ago do a search for “training logs” we came up with somce ideas on that post
ironbabe-what program do use now??

depending on how serious you are: include a database where the user can define food nutritionwise (kind_of_food: fat/proteine/carbs/calories) and from then on is able to put in the amount of food being or to be eaten and get out the single and overall results. good luck!

I use crosstrainerII from the inovativelogic website.