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The Perfect Rep: Lowering Phase (Eccentric)


I don't understand the lowering-phase of the "Perfect Rep" article.
I 've always trained for athletic purpose, not bodybuilding.
My goal is getting better at a certain movement, I'm not muscle-grow oriented.

**** This means that I never counted reps ****
-I think that rep-couting make you loose the focus on the actual movement and it destroys the quality of it. Just try to count every steps you do while you're running, or every arm movement you do while you're juggling, and you'll realise that it interferes a lot with the movement/form. That's why I prefer timed-set on stopwatch. (ex: Pull up for 10 minutes, wich looks like a 10 minutes rest-pause set, without counting-numbers in my head)

**** I never used tempo as well ****
-I just do the concentric-lifting phase, then the lowering-eccentric phase without thinking about any tempo.

**** I use momentum when it's needed during the concentric ****
I don't try to inhibe it at all, which means that I lift fast most of the times (but not consciously as fast as possible as it's adovcated for the perfect rep).
Same goes for the "SRP Twitch Turnaround" that I've always naturally used as well.
People who tell you that you're cheating during the concentric phase, using momentum, just don't understand training at all. They 're looking for "pain in the muscle", they go to the gym with the intent to destroy their energy and annihilate their muscle, that's why they use slow tempo and don't use the natural tools that their body have (like SRP twitch turnaround, or elasicity/momentum) to make lifting easier.
They should strive to get stronger (wich means better at a certain movement, wich means being able to do it easily), and use their body natural "toolbox" and getting better at using them, instead of voluntary inhibiting all their body athletic capacity.
Real life and sport situations always use these "cheating" tools.

I'm graduating in Fondamental Phsyical Sciences, which means that I'm familiar with
F = m * a. That's why I find the perfect rep "seducing". After all, being able to lift a weight, compared to being able to lift this same weight but faster, is a no-brainer.

**** So, right now i'm doing this ****
-Lifting Phase: I lift as fast as (humanly) possible.
-Lowering phase: here's my concern about the article
-SRP Twitch Turnaround: I 've always used it naturally, like a little drop right before lifting the weight.

Lowering phase:
I just lower the weight naturally, wich means it lowers by its own weight, I don't try to slow it down (no tempo), buy I don't try to accelerate it down either.

Does the Perfect-Rep article tell us to:
-Lower as fast as (humanly) possible, wich consequently give a strong catching phase to decelerate/stop the weight.
-Just lower the weight in a naturally way, without really thinking about lowering it as fast as possible.

Thanks for your answers :slightly_smiling:


I'm not CT, but the article says to:

Which would seem to fall in the middle of the two options you presented.

You can watch the videos in the article and the training lab to get a better idea.


in athletics, there is usually some degree of force absorption, so dive bombing the eccentric might not be the best