The Perfect Male & Female Bodies, According to AI

AI generated images:



"This is according to artificial intelligence tools that learn from the billions of images on social media sites depicting beautiful people.

The Bulimia Project, an eating disorder awareness group, asked AI to produce the ‘perfect’ male and female bodies, according to what gets most engagement on social media."

They nailed it on the woman but that guy looks nothing like me.


surely the man and the woman cant both look like you. Pick a side mate.


Yeah, that guy looks way weaker than me…

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I thought this was resolved long ago.

Woman needs more curves, man is borderline pencil neck…


“… outdated standards of beauty…”

How are they outdated if what was generated was so because of social media engagement now, in the present?

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Haven’t you heard?

If you don’t find Lizzo the equivalent of a Greek goddess you’re clearly just a shallow bigot.


Does this mean the whole “dad/mom bod” thing is over? Or… were the dad/mom bod people too busy getting laid to interact on social media?



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In my experience, a lot of the “attractive” people getting all this interaction on social media are often pretty damn hard to tolerate in a real-life setting which often makes them unattractive once you meet them.

I think the Dad/Mom bod thing is more of a cope than something people are genuinely attracted to on a majority level. That is not to say Dad/Mom bodies are unattractive, just that this whole attraction thing is way more nuanced than just analyzing social media.

My biggest insecurity is how pale I am, but a thousand years ago being pale was quintessential to beauty standards. Bum size preference has also changed throughout the years.


With such diversity in what people find attractive, it is pointless to have AI define “the” perfect body. And sadly their pool of data comes from “social media”, so clearly the data is biased toward what participants of social media offer.

I agree with @cyclonengineer on what I find most attractive. Those two “nice looking” models just fall short for my preferences.


Its also biased against the preferences of the large majority of the world who does not have access to social media.

From what I’ve heard the “dad bod” at least isn’t representative of what the average father has.

Recently, it was said Jason Mamoa was rocking a dad bod. This image was one of the top images when I searched “dad bod”.


This physique still requires a lot of work to acquire for most people. For actual fathers in the US at least, it is top physique.

I think some naive younger women believe this is what a man will look like if he does just a bit of exercise and isn’t a fat slob.


Even if you did you might want to keep it to yourself; from what i understand Hera or Aphrodite are quite insecure and prone to jealousy


Attraction can be found in confidence, humor, drive, interests, and a million other different things other than what is just physical.

A lot of people deem other qualities more important than physical features. Some people’s brains may measure attractiveness by something as physically irrelevant as how they treat their family for example.

Yeah. It’s a non-entity really, not a real place to be or anything to aim towards. Men use it as an excuse for being over a certain body fat percentage pretending it’s what they actually want to be. And like you say, women seem to completely misrepresent it. Both genders seem to meet in the middle with a “this is what I want, but it’s not what I really really want”. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that for the reasons I mentioned about it not just being physical. Anybody who says their partner is perfect is lying, and having what you want instead of want you really really want is not even a slight issue when it comes to this stuff because life is more complicated and nothing is flawless.

A couple of weeks ago I was using chess metaphors to talk about exercise choice. Now I’m using Spice Girls lyrics to make a point. I’m not sure I know what’s happening to me.


JFL. When I see that kind of physique, I think “athlete,” “MMA fighter, boxer.”

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It is just kinda one of those things that isn’t well defined. I’d take it to be the average body of a father. I think many women take it as a guy who takes care of himself but isn’t obsessive about it; not a vain dude.

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You win the best comment according to me award for today.