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The Perfect Exercise


The Perfect Exercise

We've all seen the commercials for those machines that claim to give you a full body workout in 10 minutes. Well, don't waste your money! And, some of you more hard-core trainees may think that deadlifts or power cleans are the perfect full body workout, but I say bull puckey!

I saw a guy in the gym the other day doing one exercise that worked his entire body in 5 minutes! I couldn't believe it at first, but after watching him for a couple of minutes, I was a believer and was kicking myself for not coming up with this idea before he did. What was the exercise, you ask? Barbell curls! Curls, you say, are for biceps----you must think I'm nuts! But, let me describe how this genius executed (no pun intended) this exercise.

After picking up a barbell, he started by pulling his elbows back to allow for a good swing. Then he bent his knees and bent slightly forward (can't you just feel your lower back working?). He then proceeded to swing the bar up, straightening his legs and back, and standing on his toes (more lower back involvement, along with quads, hams and, of course, those massive calves). Next, he shrugged his shoulders up and moved them backward (great for the traps and the rest of the upper back). And finally, he let the bar fall down as quickly as possible so his knees buckle and he's bent over in preparation for the next rep.

WOW, was I impressed, and you should be too. So, next time you're in the gym, look for this guy performing the perfect exercise. Call your friends over, gather round and just stare in awe at a genius at work!




Do you honestly believe what comes out of your mouth?


I believe (read, hope and pray) that this is a joke and sarcasm.


Since everyone is just gonna flame you for trying to be informative with an unconventional exercise, let me be the one to say thanks for the effort. It was a little bit funny to read. I was taking it seriously until i read thru it and realized there is no chest movement in the exercise.

I'm always looking for the "perfect exercise", but mine would have to involve one that gives you giant pecs. Got any of those?

If you wanna laugh for a good 20 minutes, go to that other bodybuilding website. bb dot u know what. there is an exercise on it called "the crucifier" funniest exercise you will ever read about in your life. This exercise took about 2 minutes to perform a rep and had about 20 movemnets to it.



C'mon y'all don't take things so seriously.


Fools the lot of you! I have been performing this exercise for years!!! and there is a chest component, when you put too much body english and fall over backwards, you then have to bench the bar off of your neck before asphyxiation kicks in.


lol. I was wondering how long it would take before someone would realize I was being sarcastic!

I'm talking about the guys you see in every gym, bicep curling with terrible form. They load the barbell with more weight than they can handle, and then use their whole body to swing the barbell up with as much momentum as possible, cheating on their reps. In every gym I've been to so far, I've seen at least one fool doing 'The Perfect Exercise'.


Your "perfect exercise" whether a joke or not. Was employed and used by the man himself, "The Austrian Oak". How ironic is that that your joke exercise actualy was used by and decribed in his book. 22 inch biceps, lol maybe they are swinging thay heavy weight up for a reason. They might be getting a nice back and shoulder workout. But that's not to say that they arn't using their biceps to the fullest either.

Cheat curls work. If you don't belive me, either look at the size of arnolds back and biceps, or just try them yourself. With real weight. Weight that you have to swing up for momentum.


What a great post. Biting satire, and wit that just can't be matched. You sir are a comic genius of the highest order.

now that's sarcasm....


So wait... the original post was criticizing someone for doing cheat curls, which is a real exercise... awesome.


I doubt the kid he saw doing them was really doing (or at the point in his training to benefit enough from) real cheat curls.

And yea, I thought the sarcasm was obvious from the start.

I'll be moving soon and will start building my own home gym.

I'll almost never have to see people in gyms not knowing what they're doing (unless I get mirrors) and I won't have to worry about others cricizising me durring my workouts.


not to let all the nubes in on a little secret or anything, when my bicep developement stalls, theres nothing better for plateau crushing than cheating barbell curls and negative only heavy ass pull-ups, but i see nothing wrong with cheating curls, as long as you use the negatives for good use.


At last, some actual humor in this thread.


I always thought that cheating on reps was bad form. So Der Austrian Oak himself actually advocated doing 'cheat curls'?

I could only surmise that there is a right way and a wrong way to do cheat curls. for example, as described in my OP,

I don't think it's necessary to stand on one's toes to cheat on bicep curls. If anything, it could cause one to lose balance. The benefit on the leg and calf muscles would be minimal. Also, letting the bar fall down instead of emphasizing the negative contraction is bad form and loses a good portion of one's benefit from doing the exercise.


the toes thing probably for superior posterior chain recruitment


I was reminded of Charles Staley's mini-article " Bench Pressing Your Way to Great Hamstrings":