The Perfect Cycle

I saw some cycles here that are wack and some that look legit but got roasted so bad.

From what I have read, Testosterone Suspension is the best one and the most maximum optimal doses (before cons outweight pros) in an 8 week cycle are:

150-200mg of TS daily (1/2 morning and 1/2 night)
150-200mg of Tren Ace 4x a week
Cardarine (To counter Tren cough)
Used with a Liver protectant amd followed by PCT.

I also had someone here say that HGH is worth it so 15IU divided in 3 doses throughout the day (morning, pre and post workout) added to the Tren-Test cycle, what do you think?

Are you asking what is a perfect cycle?

How many cycles have you done?

what are you hoping to achieve from the cycle is pretty important in determining what is perfect

Suspension is on paper the absolutely most powerful form of synthetic test mg for mg but even the pro’s only use it for a pre workout. Get yourself some test propionate that way you can just pin every other day. If you are really looking to absolutely have perfectly repeating levels day to day then you can pin it everyday but it is not necessary.

What kind of tren? I would assume tren ace but you want to pin twice a day on four days of the week so I am lost. They do have raw tren without any ester attached out there on the web. Again no one really uses it because no one wants to inject multiple times per day. Get yourself some tren ace and pin it EOD, you might have meant that was your plan but had a typo. I just wanted to make sure and cover it.

I have heard of cardinine but know nothing so I bet it doesn’t actually help with tren cough. If it is a SARM or in the SARM family then skip it and save the money. Those SARMs are for guys who are too hesitant to pull the trigger on self injecting and since you are okay with injections why do half measures. Plus the cough only happens for a few minutes after you inject. It isn’t an all day thing plus lots of guys do not get it.

HGH definitely has it’s place however to grow from it you need to be on it six months to see results. So save your money and use HGH down the road when steroids are not getting you to the next level anymore.

I have to mention that you forgot to include your age. I hope you are old enough to run a cycle. I also hope this is not your first cycle or even your fifth cycle. Tren is steroids on steroids so everyone should wait until they tried every other compound before tren.

Yeah. 0.

Increased strenght. I read that Trem is the nest for that. Plus doesn’t lead to joint pain.

Why not necessary? Doesn’t every bit helps?

And yeah it’s a typo. It’s Tren Ace.

So that’s to mean that Tren is enough so don’t need HGH for anything, noy t even faster recovery?

I’m old enough and it’d be my 1st but why wait to use Tren if done correctly?

I think we have already established on a previous post that you are under the age of 18.

We have also established that you have absolutely no idea what your doing.


Your questions show that you don’t even understand the basics. Please don’t use gear. You will end up hurting yourself.