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The Pectorals Thread

Inspired by today’s powerful image - Serge Nubret. Those are some crazy pectorals - but how do you go about building yours…?

I have a pretty stubborn chest, BB benching has done a lot for general mass but I’m hammering the inclines much more often now because the upper portion has been left lacking somewhat.

What works for me is hammering the chest from all angles on chest day to obliterate it and then let it rest recover and grow until next chest day. Flat, Incline, Decline, Barbell, Dumbbell, Cables, Dips, Pushups, Flies, low reps, high reps, are all pretty much used in one hour long workout. By the end of the workout doing ten pushups should be almost impossible.


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super-setting Slow DB bench press with pushups works great for me