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The Peanut Butter thread

On the peanut butter thread everyone mentions the use of natural peanut butter and it does kick ass. But for those of you that buy the natural stuff its cheaper and easier to make your own and then you can substitue the oil with flax oil. It’s easy to make, blend peanuts in a blender or food processer and add the oil until it binds. Quick and easy natural peanut butter.

But I thought natural PB didn’t have added oil? The ingredients on the back of a Adams Natural PB jar say peanuts and salt. If you grind your own, will it eventually seperate if left long enough?


It will seperate eventually(the same way the natural stuff seperates. If it starts to seperate you simply stir it back together or like others said you can drain off the extra oil thats excreted. Your right regarding the oil, if you grind the peanuts they will bind, however, most of the time you will need to add oil to bind with the proteins in the nuts which is very small amounts usually 1 tsp or so depending on the amount of peanuts you use.

I was just suggesting it because it’s generally a lot cheaper this way, and you can make as much or as little as you want depending on how much you use.

Are you sure you need to add the oil? I have not tried this in a food processor, (although I have heard that it can be done). I usually buy fresh ground peanut butter at a health food store, and the peanuts are simply ground, no oil added. I have never heard of adding oil to nut butters. I might have to go buy some peanuts and give it a go.

Ko, your right all you have to do is ground the peanuts in the food processor. However, sometimes it will not bind as well so you can simply incorporate a small amount of oil just like you would when making mayo, Hollandaise, or any other emulsion suace. I used to use it to accompany various pork and lamb specials. I make it a lot now because being in school it gives me something to snack on and its generally cheaper than the store. Take into consideration that I’m talking a very small amount of oil like 1tsp or less depening on the amount of peanuts used.

Ko, here is the recipe I used to use.
4cups peanuts–1/2 cup olive oil or veggie oil–1/4cup sugar–and a pinch of salt. For this particular recipe you roast the peanuts, then add them to the food processor add sugar and incorporate oil. (Most people also use a pinch of salt with peanut butter) But now, since I’m not using it for flavor matching I eliminate the sugar and just use peanuts and oil.

Thanks for the tip. I guess it has a lot to do with the oil content of the peanuts.I’m lucky, I can get fresh ground stuff pretty cheap. But I will have to play with it.

Have you ever tried this with almonds, walnuts, or any other nut? Also, do the peanuts have to be roasted, or can they be fresh/raw?

Yes, you can use pretty much any nut you want. I roast them in the oven for 5 minutes or so, I like the flavor roasting gives the final product so I’ve never made it with raw nuts. Unless someone else knows, I will make some with raw peanuts and let you know if it works. As far as the different nuts go, the ability of the butter to bind depends on the amount of oil in the nuts, if you process the nuts and its not binding, then simply add small amounts of oil(your choice no specific kind) and you will end up with a creamy paste.

What about just blending the raw nuts with water instead of oil? The nuts have their natural oils anyway don’t they?

Try blending raw peanuts w/ the cinnamon flavored flax oil by SPECTRUM to make a peanut butter, it’s awsome!

Does anybody eat anything with the peanut butter? From now on I’m going to have a stash of celery with it because I find that even though it kicks ass and is tasty and easy to eat, I’m getting “stopped up” later and I think the celery will help out with moving the digestion along…

Try an apple with peanut butter. It has the same effect as the celery & it tastes great together.

Sounds great, cashew butter and almond butter are great as well. Good addition to protein shakes as well.

Thanks Areej, that DOES sound really tasty.

From my experience apples also last a LONG time in the fridge too, so they won’t spoil very fast.