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I'm 43 years old, almost 44. A hair under six feet tall and around 198lbs. I work and lift at a University which has it ups and its downs. Stronger than a few, weaker than most but insanely willing to put in the work.

I compete in the SPF and one day I'm pretty sure I'll know what I'm doing.

Best meet numbers:

Squat 330
Bench 255
Deadlift 395

Current Meet Total: 975* last weekend

Goals: 1,100 meet total in Feburary at Alabama State* not the most realistic goal but fuck it.

So I've got five months to get strong as fuck. So let's do this.


7x210* needed for a PR

Face Pulls


HS Iso-lat Rows

15x 1pps
15x 2pps
15x 3pps
8x 4pps

Neutral Grip DB Press

6x75* just ran out of gas.

One of those days where you're more focused on the women than the weights. No excuse other than apparently I'm a dirty old man.


Im thinking that the women motivated you to the PR!


you know, there's nothing wrong with being a dirty old man. I have hit some solid PRs because of this.


Solid work in your new log.

nice pr.


That's a good thing. Being a dirty old man will keep you young at heart.


yay, new log I can keep up with this time! :slight_smile:


I like the new log title


Log title and goal for Feb =no more sandbagging!


In my own defense I had never hit either the bench or squat numbers before, with good depth at least on the squat.


Solid work even if you were distracted. I like your goal a lot. You definitely have room to put some weight on if you wanted to but I don't know if that would bump you up to the next weight class or not.



Dirty,bald old man to be more precise. Great work Joe.


Then I must be sixteen.


I wouldn't mind putting on good weight at all even if I moved up weight classes.



6x255 (+1 rep PR)
1x285* add wraps

Walk Outs

375 40 seconds
405 40 seconds

Wated to do some KB swings but I was absolutely gassed, In teh back of my head I could hear lil power telling me I was sandbagging and ground out thsoe 320 reps.


Haha, nothing wrong with that if it keeps you motivated. Just the other day I was walking up to the Port Authority Bus Terminal from work when I happened upon 6 20 something hotties giving out free hugs in front of Macy's. I was more than happy to oblige!

Nice work btw, I know you'll be nailing that 1100 soon enough!


Whoops, forgot to tell you good job regarding your Meet....sorry


just grabbing my seat.

Pr's already you dirty ol man!?! :wink:


So I've revived the 60 day challenge but for about five weeks until I go on vacation. Then I'll restart when I get back for a 60 day challenge.

Five week Challenge

15 push ups
15 chin ups


Five week Challenge

16 pushups
16 chins


what are your vacation plans?? I love to hear about other people's trips and such.