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The Path of the Beginner

I am a skinny bastard and want to add mass. I know the Way of the Fork is how I will achieve that but the most effective training program probably wouldnt hurt. Should I do something like Ian King’s 12 week programs? Or are they more suited to experienced lifters? Should I be doing something a little more basic?

Remember back to your days as a newbie and shower me with your wisdom!

I’m entering my fifth week of a training program with a personal trainer. I’ve put on 22lbs, about 16lbs of that is muscle. Already I’m no longer a skinny bastard.
But you know, the program that I’m doing with my trainer is basically the same thing that Anthony Ellis recommends on his site musclegaintips.com. My diet is from the Mass Gain diet here on t-mag.com, it’s amazing.

First things first grasshopper. You need to get your diet in order. Read Hierarchy of Needs by Chris, then you should start to think about a plan for lifting. I can’t really give you advice there, as I have always put together my own, with much success to my suprise, however…it will not matter if you’re not eating right (correct macro breakdown), calories, etc…also read Massive Eating 1 & 2 and don’t leave the house until they are memorized! Skinny Bastards diet is good as well…If it’s onething I learned, it’s that you have plan ahead and be very persistent. Lastly, not every plan works the same for EVERY person so it may take a little ‘tweaking’…Hope this helps…

Going4Gain, are you referring to the Massive Eating Diet?? Just curious?? 22lbs in 5 weeks is pretty sweet!! Are you using MAG 10 or anything else, or all natural??

Josh,… I’ve got a couple friends who just started training. One male, one female. I’ve set their splits sort of Ian King-style, but I didn’t follow the 12 Weeks to SS or anything. One of the best things I have gotten from this mag is the idea for having a quad dominant, and hip dominant leg days. So maybe try something like M-Quad Dom. T-Horizontal Push/Pull Thu.-Hip Dominant Fri-Vertical Push Pull. So Monday you’d squat, along with it’s other variations. (20 Rep squats will rock your world. The best thing you can do for mass.) On Tuesday you’d bench press and row. Wednesday, take it off. Thursday, do your deadlifts! Get the proper form from t-mag… Dave Tate and Ian King both wrote some bitchin’ descriptions. Friday, do chins! Very very important. Also, shoulder presses. Just keep the lifts simple dude. Simple, and heavy. Eat like a horse, and you’ll grow dude. My male buddy has put on about 20 pounds in a lil over a month… 15-16 of it lean tissue. The female has dropped a few bf% points (judging by the mirror) along with some major strength gains. Lookin’ too fine! God damn shame she’s married. Anyways, Good luck Josh… there are some very smart people on thie board, ask questions if ya have em’. Take it easy, bud.

No, I’m following The Get-Big Diet for Bodybuilders by Thomas Incledon here on t-mag.com, with some slight modifications. I like how it’s healthy and scientifically sound, and I especially like the protein drink recipies. Those drinks have been the key to my dietary success.

I’m not using Mag-10. However, I am using the following; depending on how you look at it, it’s “natural”:

() Biotest’s Tribex-500 and M
) Prolab’s L-glutamine
() for my arthritis: Quest’s MSM and glucosamine
) Usana’s calcium, magnesium, zinc supplements
(*) vitamin C with each meal

I tried creatine for 5 days, but it made me feel bloated and gave me cramps. Using creatine filled me up such that I couldn’t eat as much, so I stopped.

I’ve also started on Myostat. In a couple of months that should kick in right around the time I start to plateau.

I don’t fret over meals. No sense adding extra stress hormones! I just make sure to eat well and eat often.

Thanks for the help guys and keep it coming. Oh and pequerneck if you can hit me up with that program that would be much appreciated!

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Ian King’s routines can be utilized for many different types of training. Gaining mass is one of them. Keep in mind that his programs have different levels from beginner to advanced. We all fit into one of them. He does a great job at covering all of the bases in training.
Suggested reading:Get Buffed by Ian King. This can assist you greatly and help to get you started out on the right foot. Highly recommended!
It would probably help to work initially with a COMPETENT trainer as well. Learn proper form and develop good and lasting habits while you’re young and new.
Best to you in your training endeavors.

Going4Gain,thanks bud…however, I can’t find that diet you’re referring too. Could you post the link?? Also, have you found the Anthony Ellis (musclegaintips) ‘package’ beneficial / worth the cash?? Thanks again and keep growing!!!


The Get-Big Diet is here: www.testosterone.net/html/body_92getbig.html

As for Anthony Ellis’ program, although I was very tempted to buy it, I haven’t because I already have a personal trainer. But by the looks of the site, his program is the next best thing if you can’t shell out the big bucks for the personal presence.