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The patch

Ok i heard of bber’s using nicorette gum as a thermogenic. my question is would the patch give you as much of a pick me up as the gum would?

I have tried this and the answer is a definite yes. Do NOT try to wear a whole patch! It will make you dizzy, weak, and nauseous! I buy the 21mg patches and cut them into 8 pieces. You can precut them with scissors and store the pieces in the pouch they come in. Start with just one piece and wait a couple of hours before even thinking of adding more. It’s more gradual than the gum.
These are also great for late night driving as the nicotine greatly boosts your awareness and concentration while gently relaxing your muscles. They have even studied using nicotine for Altzheimer’s patients, which gave me the idea.

Coming from the mouth of a smoker, DON’T GET NEAR NICOTINE AT ALL. Not worth the chance of getting hooked.

First of all “thermogenics” and “stimulants” are not the same thing. It would seem pretty silly to use something as addictive as nicotine, in any form, as a “pick me up”. It is a highly addictive drug, and very expensive if one uses it in the method you describe. All of that risk and expense for an effect that could be produced safely and cheaply with other less harmful substances seems counterproductive.

If you are a weak willed person, someone who eats/drinks/drugs to excess DONT DO IT. However if you have strong will power and want to use it say 1-3x per week for a cycle of 8 weeks there shouldn’t be too much harm. guys I know pop a piece of that nico-gum crap. good luck

I used to chew nicorette for the same reason. I started doing just 2 mg. per day and then when I tried two, I got really sick for about an hour after my second piece (sick to my stomach). I didn’t notice any difference in body comp while taking it, and really don’t see a point.

just take up smoking, or you could always just EAT LESS.

From what I can tell, heroin has a great way of keeping you lean. I mean look at some of those users, the epitomy of shredded. Why don’t you try that too? =)

I found your post interesting as I’ve often wondered the same thing. (I don’t smoke either). I’ve wondered about this as remember reading an article some time back about smokers and etc. The article stated that older smokers have higher HGH levels than equivalent nonsmokers which gave the older smokers a faster metabolism than the nonsmokers and that is supposed to be why when so many older smokers quit, they gain so much weight because there metabolism slows down due to a new lower HGH level without the nicotine. The point of the artical was wether to administer HGH to quiting smokers. Now having also read elsewhere that HGH helps you burn fat, and knowing nicotine boosts HGH levels, would the patch boost HGH levels when cutting. If this worked, I guessing it would work better in older lifters (such as self - mid 40’s) as HGH is supposed to decrease with age. I’m going on a cutting cycle soon and if I decide to try this I’ll keep you posted. If you try it, keep us posted.

enough is enough, heroin has no true or ideal appetite suppressing characteristics, or stimulant qualities. Coke on the other hand…

I am an ex-smoker and it took me YEARS of trying to quit before I was able to actually pull it off. Nicotine patches, gum, inhalers ARE NOT THE WAY TO GO! They are no good for people trying to quit smoking (Just another unhelpful pharmeceutical scam. It would be like making alcohol tablets, gum, inhalers, etc. for an alcoholic) and they are STUPID to use for weight loss.

for those of you who think im trying to quit smoking u are morons first im a non smoker. and im not going to try heroin u f*ckin idiot i read in a muscle mag article about the author using nicorette gum as a stimulant. I didnt want to use this as i didnt know if i could handle the taste so i wanted to know if anyone has tried the patch. thanks to all of you who have helped or tried to.

I gave this some more thought and came to the conclusion that I think it might work by increasing HGH and since most of our HGH is secreted at nite when we sleep, if I try this, I will just take part of a patch and put on couple hours before bed and only use at nite to try and boost HGH output during sleep because that’s when your body needs to be primed for the major HGH pulsides. I won’t wear a patch during the day, only at nite. Probably get the highest dosed patches (30 mg I think) as price is the same at Walmart regardless of dosage strength and probably cut patches in 4 so that 1 patch will last 4 nites. not worried in getting hooked on nicotine in using this way. Years ago tried cigarettes, cigars, and chew and though it was fun to use when partying with buddies, never enjoyed it enough to get hooked and haven’t smoked anything in years and years.