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The Passing of Mike Bell


I just saw this on twitter from Dave Tate. Mike Bell the brother of Mark Bell (AKA Jackass in the forums) has passed away.



Oh man, just before the holidays.

My condolences to Mark and his family.


Another brother lost.

Rest in peace.


OMG this can't be real. WTF wonder what happen.

I wish his family and wife all the best at this sad time.


Wow, this is really unfortunate.

My condolences to the whole Bell family.


Man, awful, indeed. My condolences... :frowning:


I'm sorry to hear that, especially at such a young age.

My condolences to his friends and family.


What happened? How did he pass away?

My condolences and support to the family.

I'm probably too quick to say this, but the anti-steroids people will love to use this in their arguments...


Got that right....


My sympathy to the family. That's terrible news.


Wow, that's terrible. I wish all the best for the Bell family, I hope they can get through this difficult time.


How much do you wanna bet the media will run with this and say, "See steroids do kill you!"


Yeah, well so do cigarettes and I don't see anyone in a hurry to ban those fucking things.

I'd bet that most of the biggest mouths against steroids are usually unhealthy people to begin with, with their own addiction to chosen poisons.

At least the male body PRODUCES testosterone.

Sorry to hijack this thread.
It shouldn't matter what killed Mike. Nothing will bring him back anyway, so we can all bow our heads and honor him.


That's really too bad. My condolences to the Bell family. I hope his and the family's name don't get drug through the mud by the anti-sterioid propoganda people especially in this difficult time for them.


This young man's death can only be used as ammo for the anti-steroid brigade if he was actually using. Has that been established or all you all making assumptions?



And my condolences to the Bell family.




Very sad. Kind of eerie how his Dad saw this coming and talked about it in the movie.


rest in peace


He's featured in Chris Bell's movie Bigger Stronger Faster (awesome movie, for those that haven't already seen). Among other things, the movie is about Mike and Mark's choice to use AAS.